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Manga Plates

Por kirai el 29 de February de 2012 en Manga

Plates designed with Japanese manga motifs by Comicalu. I want the first one! Ideal to eat dorayakis Via

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Starbucks in Fukuoka designed by Kengo Kuma

Por kirai el 27 de February de 2012 en Architecture

A new Starbucks designed by architects in Kengo Kuma’s team has recently been inaugurated in Fukuoka. It seems that it is located near Dazaifu Tenman-gū temple, a little bit far from downtown. I will try to go there in my next visit to Fukuoka. Via Homedsgn.

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Dragon Painter in Kyoto

Por kirai el 26 de February de 2012 en Videos

Seen at Immow’s YouTube channel

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The End of Flickr?

Por kirai el 21 de February de 2012 en Internet,Photography

I have been using Flickr for six years, I am a fan! Thanks to its community I have learned a lot about photography. However since a year or two ago I have been noticing how the activity on Flickr has been decreasing. Users are leaving and using other services. It is not something surprising because [...]

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Kenrokuen Garden – 兼六園

Por kirai el 20 de February de 2012 en JapanGuide

At the beginning of this year I had the opportunity to visit Kanazawa for the first time. Kanazawa is a city located in the Sea of Japan coast and it is a quite popular tourist destination but considerably less visited than other places like Kyoto or Hiroshima because it can’t be reached by bullet train. [...]

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CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2012

Por kirai el 16 de February de 2012 en Photography

Last Saturday my friends CaDs, Lapastillaroja and I decided to go to the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2012 to be able to have the privilege to see for the first time, as a world exclusive, the Nikon D800. When we arrived we went directly to the Nikon booth and after almost one hour [...]

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Covering your body in clothespins to obtain 1,000 retweets

Por kirai el 15 de February de 2012 en Funny,Internet

The president of the small Japanese web development company Omocoro challenged one of his employees Sebuyama starting the experiment.

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Ginnan – 銀杏

Por kirai el 14 de February de 2012 en Food

Shortly after arriving to Japan for the first time I went one day to Shibuya to have dinner and I ate this: My Japanese friends told me that they were Ginnan, a fruit of the Ichou 銀杏 tree, known in the west as ginkgo biloba. I had never heard anything about this, so I was [...]

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