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My Top 10 Gadgets

Por kirai el 29 de April de 2012 en Gadgets

The other day through Twitter @ignacio_valdes pointed me to this post I wrote in 2007 and asked me what computers I was using right now. It’s been almost 5 years and I am still using the Mac Mini I mentioned back then. The interesting thing is that lately more than “computers” to carry out several [...]

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Super Mario Bros. Bathroom

Por kirai el 26 de April de 2012 en Videogames

The best thing, the toilet paper mushroom? Via Related posts: Super Mario Bros. Pinball Mario Paper Stop Motion

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Visiting Panama

Por kirai el 22 de April de 2012 en Travel

Last month +Carlos Donderis guided us around Panama where we relaxed and enjoyed the country and their people. Although it is a total different place, I found it having many similarities with Thailand: tropical weather, slow lifestyle, big income difference between the city and the country side population; and a general feeling that they could [...]

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Sakura with my new Nikon D800

Por kirai el 19 de April de 2012 en Photography

These are some of the first photos that I have taken with my new camera, a Nikon D800. Being my first full frame camera I am quite overwhelmed by all the new features. Most photos were taken in Naka Meguro, one of the best places in Tokyo to take sakura photos.

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Hamburger With 1050 Pieces of Bacon

Por kirai el 18 de April de 2012 en Food

There’s a promotion by Burger King Japan that gives customers the option to add 15 pieces of bacon to their Whopper for an extra 100 yen (around 1 euro / 1,25 dollars). The promotion “has become viral” and yesterday it was the main topic of conversation among my coworkers. Of course somebody had to test [...]

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Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

Por kirai el 16 de April de 2012 en Architecture

Koganei park, north from Musashi-Koganei station in Tokyo, is located near the workplace of Studio Ghibli artists. Part of the park is occupied by the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum (江戸東京たてもの園) where there are several streets with reconstructions of houses of the Edo era. Not only the outer part of the houses is faithful to [...]

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Aibo Smartphone – Bandai’s Smartpet

Por kirai el 04 de April de 2012 en Gadgets

Bandai has just released (only in Japan at the moment) a new accesory to turn your smartphone into some kind of Aibo robot. The name of the gadget is SmartPet (スマートペット) and it’s on sale at Amazon Japan for around 55 euros / 70 dollars. It works combining the gadget with an application developed by [...]

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Ozawa Camera

Por kirai el 03 de April de 2012 en Photography

Ozawa Camera is a store in Ebisu that has been selling film cameras for more than 40 years. You can find it right at the exit 3 of Ebisu station (Tokyo Metro). They only sell film cameras and second hand lenses. It is the place where I go when I have to develop photos that [...]

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