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Resident Evil Official Restaurant

Por kirai el 25 de June de 2012 en Videogames

On July 13th Capcom will inaugurate the first official restaurant based on the video game franchise Resident Evil – Bio Hazard. The restaurant will be located in the mall Parco 1 in Shibuya and will have a performance called “S.T.A.R.S. ANGELIQE”. Via:

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Typhoon number 4 at Asakusa

Por kirai el 21 de June de 2012 en Photography

“Typhoon” etymological origin is not clear, some say it comes from the Greek τυφων (typhon) meaning “whirlwind” and others say it comes from the Chinese táifēng 大風 (大 huge, big, 風 winds). In Japanese, the word comes from Chinese but the way it is written changes a little bit. Taifuu is written as 台風 in [...]

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Ukiyo-e Nintendo Characters

Por kirai el 16 de June de 2012 en Videogames

I love these images of Nintendo characters by Jed Henry inspired on the drawing style of ukiyo-e (traditional Japanese woodblock prints). Link of Zelda Mario and Donkey Kong Samus of Metroid Mario Kart! Mega Man

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Rakugo 落語

Por kirai el 11 de June de 2012 en Traditional

Rakugo (落語, literally “fallen words”) is a form of entertainment based on monologues. The rakugoka (the person who does monologues) sits in a seiza position on a zabuton in front of the public and tells funny short stories. Normally the stories/jokes follow a similar patter in which two main characters go through an experience together [...]

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Thermae Romae

Por kirai el 09 de June de 2012 en Manga

Thermae Romae (テルマエ・ロマエ) is one of the few manga that I am following at the moment; I read it as soon as new volumes are released. The good thing is that volumes are released months apart from each other, so it’s easy to follow. It started being only a single manga but lately anime adaptations [...]

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7.25 Million iPhones Were Sold in Japan During 2011

Por kirai el 07 de June de 2012 en Gadgets

The Apple iPhone strengthened last year its position as the best-selling smartphone in Japan. During 2011 7.25 million iPhones were sold, reaching a 30% of the smartphone market share. Approximately 5.7% of the Japanese population bought a new iPhone last year. Impressive numbers! The iPhone is the best-selling smartphone but if you look at the [...]

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Shikinaen garden in Okinawa

Por kirai el 03 de June de 2012 en Travel

Shikinaen, constructed at the end of the 18th century, was the second largest residence for the Ryukyu royal families. The main residence of the Ryukyu kings was the Shuri Castle. The Shikinaen installations were used to entertain royal family members and foreign guests, usually Chinese royal family delegations. The garden combines a unique mixture of [...]

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