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Japan Rubber Band Gun Shooting Association

Por kirai el 30 de July de 2012 en Funny

An association exists in Japan just dedicated to guns that shoot rubber bands and here you can find its very cool website. The association has more than 2,500 members! This is last year’s ranking. Mr. Asano is the founder and president of the association. They even publish a world ranking. If you want to be [...]

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Darth Vader in the Commercial of the Samsung Galaxy X by Docomo

Por kirai el 28 de July de 2012 en Advertising,Videos

Oi Ocha – 伊藤園お〜いお茶

Por kirai el 23 de July de 2012 en Drinks

The Oi Ocha brand was launched by ITO EN in 1989, following the success of its “Canned Sencha” brand that debuted in 1985. The brand is derived from the Japanese phrase, “Oi, ocha!” brand which is a way of calling out, “It’s tea time!” or “Tea, please!”– part of the warm, everyday conversations heard in [...]

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Wadaiko Yamato

Por kirai el 23 de July de 2012 en Music

Wadaiko Yamato is the name of a Japanese music group that uses taikos as their main instrument. Wadaiko (和太鼓) means “Japanese drum” and Yamato is the former name of Nara, the capital of Japan in the past. The band has been active for 20years, and it is still popular in Germany and Switzerland where this [...]

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Sand Nausicaä Omu

Por kirai el 19 de July de 2012 en Anime

If you are bored this summer at the beach, try building an Omu! Here’s a more realistic Omu, in the backyard of a house.

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Japanese Sleeping – 12

Por kirai el 18 de July de 2012 en Funny

It’s been almost one year since the last edition of the Japanese sleeping series. It was already time for a new post! As always with all my respect and affection to the Japanese people, after so many years in Japan I also enjoy taking power naps in public places! Old posts of Japanese people sleeping: [...]

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Line to Eat Pancakes and Crepes in Omotesando

Por kirai el 15 de July de 2012 en Various

Several weeks ago the first Eggs ‘n Things restaurant in Omotesando opened and since then a huge line can be frequently seen of people waiting for hours just to eat crepes and pancakes. It’s been several weeks but there’s still a lot of people lining up. I took the video vertically. It’s quite crappy! For [...]

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