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Donating to Charity by Squeezing the Boobs of a Porn Actress

Por kirai el 30 de August de 2012 en Sex

A TV production company held an event last weekend in which if you donated 1,000 yen (around 10 EUR/13 USD) to fight against AIDS you had the chance to grab and squeeze the boobs of a porn actress. During two days 4,690 people donated money and had the chance to squeeze boobies; a line was [...]

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Vault of an Investment Bank that went Bankrupt in 1997

Por kirai el 29 de August de 2012 en Travel

Sanyo Securities Company Limited was a Japanese investment bank founded in 1910 that at the end of the 80s was one of the largest banks in the country. When the bubble burst it became insolvent and ended up declaring bankruptcy in 1997; by 1999 all its operations had finished. In the boom times Sanyo Securities [...]

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Haikyo in Lake Kawaguchi

Por kirai el 21 de August de 2012 en Architecture

Mount Fuji hides and we come back to our car to continue bordering the lake in search of abandoned buildings (haikyo). We pull over by the side of the road in the spot where the map indicates the next building. This time an abandoned building is right there and it seems easy to access as [...]

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Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi

Por kirai el 19 de August de 2012 en JapanGuide

We meet in Shinjuku at 6:00am to set out on a road trip to the lake area around Mount Fuji. The objective of the day is to take photos of haikyos; it seems that the area was a very attractive holiday destination during the Japanese economic bubble of the eighties, and many hotels, resorts, restaurants [...]

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Unattended Luggage in Japan

Por kirai el 15 de August de 2012 en Various

When Japanese people ask me for advice before going to Spain, the first thing I tell them is to always watch out for their belongings, to not leave their phone or wallet on the table in a restaurant or cafeteria, to always have their bags closed, etc. Here in Japan we never worry about this [...]

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Evangelion Girls Photos Exhibition

Por kirai el 10 de August de 2012 en Anime,JapaneseIdols

Great exhibition with photos of idols doing Evangelion cosplay. The exhibition was held in the Seibu in Ikebukuro where more and more events related to the anime and manga world are held lately. From August 15th until the 21st it will be held as well in the Daimaru Shinbashi in Osaka. The girl that plays [...]

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Oshino Hakkai 忍野八海

Por kirai el 09 de August de 2012 en JapanGuide

Mount Fuji is surrounded by five lakes that were formed during a very powerful eruption 1,200 years ago. Formerly there were only four lakes but the biggest one split during the eruption into two lakes that are connected by underground water tunnels. The area that sank, known as Oshino Hakkai 忍野八海, is plenty of water [...]

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Por kirai el 02 de August de 2012 en Videogames

A workmate has just bought himself a second hand FamicomBox for his birthday. I didn’t know what it was. It turns out that it’s some kind of gigantic NES that was produced at the end of the 80s in which you could choose among 15 video games. It used to be installed in hotel rooms, [...]

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