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Floating Wind Turbines

Por kirai el 30 de September de 2012 en Technology

As Japan announced that it will become a nuclear free country by 2030, the Japanese government has started to approve a series of measures to start developing alternative energy sources. Here in Japan solar energy is not viable as there’s almost no space and most days throughout the year it is cloudy. Wind energy is [...]

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Brain Controlled Tail

Por kirai el 27 de September de 2012 en Gadgets

Neurowear, the company that created the cat ears controlled with your mind, has done it again and has created an artificial tail that wags according to the emotional state of the user. As of now it’s only a prototype but it seems they want to launch a real product to the market in the future. [...]

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Por kirai el 24 de September de 2012 en Music

Perfume is a J-pop/electro/techno music group composed by three girls from Hiroshima Ayano Ōmoto, Yuka Kashino and Ayaka Nishiwaki. They founded the band in 2001 and they are right now one of the most popular bands in Japan. They are also starting to build an international presence, for example they made the song for the [...]

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Shisa Artisans

Por kirai el 22 de September de 2012 en Traditional

I love shisa lions/dogs from Okinawa. At the Tsuboya district in Naha (five minutes walking south from Kokusai-dori) I had the chance to see several artisans creating these figures that are usually seen at the entrance of houses or on rooftops to protect them against evil spirits and dragons. Legend has it that an envoy [...]

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Toilet Motorcycle

Por kirai el 17 de September de 2012 en Various

Japanese toilet maker TOTO has created a motorcycle prototype to raise awareness about water waste and emissions from live stock. TOTO has compromised to reduce its CO2 emissions by 50% during the next five years. The motorcycle runs on bio-fuel. Source: NyDailyNews

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Kabutom RX

Por kirai el 15 de September de 2012 en Technology

It is 11 meters tall, it weights 15 tons and its creator, Hitoshi Takahashi, has been working more than ten years building it. It is called “Kabutom” because it looks like a kabutomushi, a beetle which is owned as a pet by many Japanese children who love to play with them. The first version was [...]

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My friend Tenashar on the cover of FHM

Por kirai el 12 de September de 2012 en JapaneseIdols

My friend Tenashar (Follow her on Facebook!) is in the cover of the latest FHM magazine! She has eurasian heritage and has lived in Spain, now she is a famous DJ in Singapore. I went to Singapore last week and she let me take some pictures of her with my D800 50mm f/1.2, this is [...]

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Dragon Ball Coffee

Por kirai el 11 de September de 2012 en Otaku

I’ve already written sometimes about the great art that Japanese cafeterias are able to offer on their caffee lates. This time a “Latte artist” has been able to use his techniques to reproduce several Dragon Ball characters: Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode.

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