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Ladies or Gentlemen

Por kirai el 30 de November de 2012 en Signs

Sign indicating the location of the toilets at Gonpachi restaurant in Nishi Azabu.

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Japanese Strikes – The Spanish Urban Legend

Por kirai el 28 de November de 2012 en Society

In my home country, Spain, almost everybody believes that when Japanese workers go on strike instead of not showing up for work, what they do to protest is to work even harder than on normal days. They are known as “huelgas a la japonesa” which mean Japanese-style strikes. I think this urban legend only exists [...]

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Do Not Titanic!

Por kirai el 10 de November de 2012 en Signs

“タイタニック禁止” == “Titanic Forbidden”

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Satoru Iwata Unboxing the First Wii U

Por kirai el 08 de November de 2012 en Videogames

In the following video you can see Satoru Iwata, the current president of Nintendo, unboxing the Wii U for the first time. The detail of how he bows and uses gloves is great.

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Panoramic View of Tokyo

Por kirai el 06 de November de 2012 en Photography

Here you have a fabulous interactive panoramic view of Tokyo. It is taken from the sky from the north side of Meiji Jingu temple: Panoramic view

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Gardens by the Bay

Por kirai el 02 de November de 2012 en Travel

During my last visit to Singapore we visited the latest “place of interest” built in the city, Gardens by the Bay, which was opened to the public last June. It is a botanic garden with artificial trees called “supertrees” of up to 50 meters tall that are powered by solar energy. In total there are [...]

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