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Gold 金 Chosen as 2012 Kanji of the Year

Por kirai el 30 de December de 2012 en Japanese

At the end of every year the Japanese people choose a kanji character that represents the sentiment of their society during the year that is coming to an end. The most voted character this year has been 金 (kin, きん) which means “gold”. It has been chosen because 2012 has been an olympic year, the [...]

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All I Want for Christmas, Touch You!

Por kirai el 22 de December de 2012 en Music

The Xmas video of Touchy Camera was just released. Touchy is a project by Eric, Tomohiko and Asia that experiments with the social reaction to “being physically touched”. Touchy can’t see (because of his helmet) unless somebody touches him creating a closed electrical circuit. The idea is difficult to explain so it’s better that you [...]

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Best 2012 Photos

Por kirai el 13 de December de 2012 en Photography

It’s already the time to choose the best photos taken during the year. This time I’ve put them together in a video with music of Ryuichi Sakamoto. I have also included photos from my trips outside Japan. The video is quite long (12 minutes) and there’s maybe too many photos but I still like the [...]

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A Walk Through Japan in 8 Minutes

Por kirai el 10 de December de 2012 en Travel

Carlos Canals sends me these two 8 minutes videos that walk you around many different places in Japan. I really like the diversity of the places shown.

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Malefic Time: Soum – The Photos

Por kirai el 07 de December de 2012 en Manga,Photography

“Malefic Time: Soum” is a new manga by Kenny Ruiz based on the universe created by Luis Royo and Romulo Royo and published by Norma Editorial at the beginning of last month. For the release of the manga a video was filmed in digital format that puts together scenarios from the manga drawn by Luis [...]

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Girls From All Japan’s 47 Prefectures

Por kirai el 05 de December de 2012 en Music

@lapastillaroja sent me this promotional video for Sony’s EXTRA BASS headphones. The video features 47 girls coming from Japan’s 47 prefectures dancing in front of the camera with the headphones on. The first dance starts at second 27 with Honoka Irodori, the girl from Kyoto: Here you have the details of the promotion and the [...]

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Por kirai el 03 de December de 2012 en Technology

This weekend took place the Maker Faire Tokyo, a fair where one of the biggest attractions has been the Kuratas, a kind of mecha-like robots developed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry. Only one of the prototypes was shown on the fair which could be used by visitors. On their website you can even buy one (a [...]

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