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The Slow Demolition of the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

Por kirai el 29 de January de 2013 en Architecture

The Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, built in the 70s, is one of the most emblematic buildings in the Akasaka district. At the beginning of 2011 it was closed down in order to be demolished, but the Tohoku earthquake changed the plans and the hotel reopened to host the victims that lost their houses during the [...]

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Cutting a Plastic Bullet with a Katana

Por kirai el 13 de January de 2013 en Videos

Isao Machii is a master of Iaido, the martial art dedicated to drawing the katana and cutting in a single movement. Master Isao owns several Guinness records, like for example: “Fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts” or “Fastest tennis ball (708 km/h) cut by sword”. Its most astounding ability is to be able to cut [...]

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The Granny and the Cat

Por kirai el 03 de January de 2013 en Photography

Miyoko Ihara (31 years old) has been taking photos of Misao (88 years old) and her cat Fukumaru for 8 years. She has taken so many photos of Misao and Fukumaru’s life that even they have published a photobook. These are some of the best pictures of Misao and Fukumaru: Via Hamusoku

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