Cat-friendly house by Asahi Kasei

Por kirai el 18 de January de 2011 en Architecture

Asahi Kasei, the company where I worked six years ago researching about speech recognition systems, also designs and builds houses. One of their latest designs is a house specially designed to live together with cats.

The cat-friendly house is designed so that humans can coexist with several cats while the cats can move in total freedom around all the house. The house includes a WC for cats, doors for cats, stairs that only cats can use…

Cat house

Cat house

Cat house in Japan

Cat house in Japan

Source: Fayerwayer


  1. Awesome! I was talking about making a cat friendly house with my wife last year and one of the things we talked about was having a shelf-like area running around the top of the rooms, with holes in the walls so they could pass through without ever having to come down to floor level. Looks like that idea has been implemented here.

  2. Looks great. Gotta love cats.

  3. I want to go their open house when I visit Japan.

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