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Cristiano Ronaldo Sponsors a New Facial Fitness Device

Por kirai el 27 de August de 2014 en Advertising

Cristiano Ronaldo has recently become the sponsor of MTG, a Japanese company that makes fitness products. Cristiano Ronaldo appears on the TV commercials to promote one of their devices, the Facial Fitness PAO. It is a flexible device that you stick in your mouth to train your face muscles. It seems like a stupid thing […]

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Giant Cat Chewing Gum Commercial

Por kirai el 22 de July de 2014 en Advertising

Fit’s (by LOTTE) is one of the most well-known chewing gum brands in Japan. Their TV commercials are usually pretty awesome. This time their new TV commercial features a giant cat!

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Ninja Schoolgirls

Por kirai el 18 de July de 2014 en Advertising

The new Suntory commercial for this Summer to promote the C.C.Lemon drink features Japanese schoolgirls with ninja abilities.

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Kunoichi – The Female Ninjas Of Dynabook

Por kirai el 29 de June de 2014 en Advertising,Gadgets

“Kunoichi” くノ一 is the Japanese word for female ninja. In the following pictures you can see several Kunoichi in the latest advertising campaign of Toshiba. With this advertising campaign Toshiba tries to highlight the flexibility of its new Dynabook Kira L93, which can be used as a laptop or as a tablet, thus resembling the […]

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Pocari Sweat Can Bound For The Moon

Por kirai el 25 de May de 2014 en Advertising

Toyota Commercials with Jean Reno as Doraemon

Por kirai el 14 de March de 2013 en Advertising

Since 2011 Jean Reno has been playing the role of Doraemon in Toyota TV commercials. The commercials are surrealist and very ridiculous. I still can’t see how Jean Reno could be a good actor to portray Doraemon! In this commercial you can also see one of the AKB48 graduate girls, Atsuko Maeda. Other posts about […]

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Darth Vader in the Commercial of the Samsung Galaxy X by Docomo

Por kirai el 28 de July de 2012 en Advertising,Videos

Relaxing in the forests in Japan

Por kirai el 13 de April de 2011 en Advertising

Advertising by Docomo. Source: @ernex

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