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Space Dandy – スペース☆ダンディ

Por kirai el 27 de July de 2014 en Anime

It’s been a very long time since I last watched a Japanese anime series. On the other hand I have kept watching animation movies. However right now I am finishing watching the first 13 episodes of Space Dandy. And I love it! It’s fun, surreal and easy to watch. An ideal show to relax and […]

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Pokémon Coffee Shop

Por kirai el 23 de July de 2014 en Anime,Videogames

The coffee shop located at the Mori museum in Roppongi Hills has been remodeled for the Summer. All the food served until September 1st will be based on Pokémon. If you want to order something you will have to wait in line for around two hours, however you can visit the exhibition about Pokémon next […]

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66 Doraemon Statues

Por kirai el 21 de July de 2014 en Anime

66 Doraemon statues have recently shown up in Roppongi Hills, each one of them with a unique different face expression. If you are coming to Tokyo this Summer you will get the chance to see them if you come before the 24th of August. These are my photos of the Doraemons at Roppongi Hills, always […]

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The Garden of Words – 言の葉の庭

Por kirai el 15 de July de 2014 en Anime

The Garden of Words (言の葉の庭), is one of latest movies directed by Makoto Shinkai. For my liking Makoto’s movies are too romantic and slow. His only movie that I enjoyed was 5 Centimeters Per Second (秒速5センチメートル). What really fascinates me about his movies is their artistic aspect, the scenarios are usually based on real places […]

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Evangelion Store in Harajuku

Por kirai el 27 de April de 2014 en Anime,Manga

Last Friday we went to Harajuku, when we were arriving I saw in a map at the station that there was an Evangelion store in an alley parallel to Takeshita-dori (Exact location in Google Maps). We had no idea there was an Evangelion store in Harajuku so we decided to check it out. In the […]

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Ghibli-style Village

Por kirai el 17 de March de 2014 en Anime

If you like Ghibli movies I’m sure that you will like the following photos taken in a neighbourhood at the outskirts of Hamamatsu in Shizuoka. Known as Nukumori, it is a village with several houses, artisans shops, coffee shops and restaurants surrounded by a “Totorian” forest. All of it looking as if it had just […]

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Odakyu Doraemon

Por kirai el 17 de June de 2013 en Anime,Trains

Some of the trains in Tokyo that belong to the private company Odakyu have recently been decorated with Doraemon characters. The Odakyu line is one of the best options if you want to visit the Hakone area. Related posts: Doraemon inventions that have become a reality Doraemon’s real home Japanese sleeping with Doraemon Toyota Commercials […]

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Nausicaä’s God Warriors Destroy Tokyo

Por kirai el 25 de April de 2013 en Anime

“Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru” is a tokusatsu short film directed by Ghibli’s Shinji Higuchi in which the god warriors of Nausicaä destroy Tokyo. It’s interesting to see Studio Ghibli producing something that is not 100% animation. At the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo there is an

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