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2020 Olympic Stadium Meme

Por kirai el 19 de July de 2015 en Architecture

During the last few months one of the news that most frequently appears in Japanese media is the challenges faced by the construction of the new stadium for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. If it is built as originally conceived it will be the most expensive stadium ever built, and its cost will surpass that […]

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Sculpture In Toranomon Hills By Jaume Plensa

Por kirai el 07 de July de 2015 en Architecture

An sculpture by Jaume Plensa, an artist born in Barcelona, decorates the outside part of Toranomon Hills, one of the most emblematic buildings in Tokyo. The structure is 10 meters high and at night the illumination from within brings a magical touch to the gardens.

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Yellow Lines

Por kirai el 17 de June de 2015 en Architecture

What makes the streets of a place feel distinct from other places? For the people that get to Japan for the first time the change is so radical that almost any element in the environment feels different: lamp posts, hanging power lines, manhole covers, neon advertising, kanjis, the nets to cover the trash that have […]

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Urban Mini Temple

Por kirai el 25 de May de 2015 en Architecture,Traditional

When strolling around the streets of Japanese cities one of the things that I enjoy the most is bumping into small Buddhist temples or Shintoist mini shrines. Sometimes they are so well integrated into the architecture of the buildings that you might not even notice them when passing by.

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Toranomon Hills

Por kirai el 12 de July de 2014 en Architecture,Tokyo

This past week I have been working for a couple of days at Toranomon Hills, the new tallest building in Tokyo (inaugurated one month ago) after surpassing Tokyo Midtown. Toranomon Hills is 255.5 meters / 838 feet tall and has been built by Mori, the same construction company that built Roppongi Hills. Unlike Roppongi Hills, […]

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Yokohama Port Symbol Tower

Por kirai el 26 de January de 2014 en Architecture

Last weekend, after a long walk around Yokohama we ended up in a curious tower. It turns out that it is one of the tallest lighthouses in Tokyo bay (58 meters/192 feet tall), it has an observatory open to the public and it is surrounded by a park. Built in 1986, in the midst of […]

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The Slow Demolition of the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka

Por kirai el 29 de January de 2013 en Architecture

The Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, built in the 70s, is one of the most emblematic buildings in the Akasaka district. At the beginning of 2011 it was closed down in order to be demolished, but the Tohoku earthquake changed the plans and the hotel reopened to host the victims that lost their houses during the […]

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Leisure Resort for Sanyo Securities Employees

Por kirai el 02 de September de 2012 en Architecture

Once we have explored the bank vault of Sanyo Securities we head to the the main building. Once inside we visit the kitchen located in the first floor, an auditorium and a dining hall in the second floor and several rooms in the third floor. The dining hall has views to Mount Fuji but since […]

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