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Coffee Art Evolves

Por kirai el 13 de June de 2013 en Drinks

The popularity of the art of “drawing” on coffee foam has quickly spread all over the world. There’s already a World Latte Art Championship (which is usually won by Japanese artists). The coffee foam art techniques are evolving fast; now artists can create 3D coffee foam art and some artists can even add colors to […]

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Oi Ocha – 伊藤園お〜いお茶

Por kirai el 23 de July de 2012 en Drinks

The Oi Ocha brand was launched by ITO EN in 1989, following the success of its “Canned Sencha” brand that debuted in 1985. The brand is derived from the Japanese phrase, “Oi, ocha!” brand which is a way of calling out, “It’s tea time!” or “Tea, please!”– part of the warm, everyday conversations heard in […]

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Pocari Sweat

Por kirai el 24 de May de 2012 en Drinks

The first time I tried Pocari Sweat I thought it would be some kind of copy of Aquarius by The Coca-Cola Company. Pocari Sweat has a somewhat milder taste than Aquarius and if you fill two glasses with both, Pocari Sweat is more transparent; but in general they are very similar. But it turns out […]

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Most Popular Teas in Japan

Por kirai el 30 de November de 2011 en Drinks

One of the first things that caught my attention when I arrived for the first time to Japan was that many people drank bottled green tea: Suntory and Coca-Cola are two of the largest bottled green tea producers in Japan. Soon, my curiosity lead me to a drinks vending machine in Shibuya, and instead of […]

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Pepsi Pink strawberry and milk flavor

Por kirai el 21 de November de 2011 en Drinks

I have just tried the new Pepsi Pink with strawberry and milk flavor. I can feel the strawberry flavor but I don’t really taste any milk in the drink. Reading the label it turns out that the main ingredient of the drink is… grape juice! Almost every year Pepsi launches a new “weird” drink in […]

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Power Squash, the Dragon Ball Kai drink

Por kirai el 19 de May de 2011 en Drinks

The other day my friend Zordor recommended me to try the new drink “Power Squash”, whose can designs are based on Dragon Ball Kai. He told me that the taste is similar to “Lifeguard”, another one of those unique weird Japanese drinks. Yesterday I finally gave it a chance and bought one can, I got […]

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Coffee foam art

Por kirai el 13 de February de 2011 en Drinks

Coffee foam art is a really good example of how much importance Japanese people give to details in the presentation of food and other services. Sometimes more time is spent taking care of the presentation than the preparation. Some of these coffees look so beautiful that it’s a pity to drink them: That’s not coffee! […]

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New solar-powered Coca-Cola vending machines with LED lights

Por kirai el 24 de December de 2010 en Drinks

There are nearly 6 million drinks vending machines in Japan; more or less one vending machine per every 20 people. Coca-Cola, which currently owns almost 1 million vending machines in Japan, has recently announced that they are going to replace all of them with a new ecological model that will be powered by solar panels […]

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