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Early Sakura Blossom

Por kirai el 23 de March de 2013 en Events

The responsible to declare the start of the sakura blossom season in Tokyo announced it last Sunday, just after 11:00 a.m. when he counted how many flowers had bloomed in the representative cherry tree that is checked every year at Yasukuni temple. The man counted six flowers and the meteorological agency pronounced the official opening [...]

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Hello Kitty show at Tokyo bay

Por kirai el 18 de August de 2010 en Events

If you are in Tokyo at the moment, there is a Hello Kitty show that can be seen every afternoon from the beach at Odaiba until the 22nd of this month. The show commemorates the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty.

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Tokyo CGM Night

Por kirai el 06 de May de 2009 en Events

At the last Tokyo CGM Night I decided to bring my camera and take some pictures. In the previous editions of the event I was too busy helping to organize. Tokyo CGM Night is a monthly event and is organized by Danny Choo together with Andrew Shuttleworth. CGM = Consumer Generated Media and Tokyo CGM [...]

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Giant robot spiders

Por kirai el 20 de April de 2009 en Events,Technology

This year is the 150th anniversary of the Port of Yokohama. It is a pretty important event since it represents the opening of Japan to the world after many centuries of closeness during the Edo period. The Port of Yokohama was one of the first five ports of Japan that opened their traffic to international [...]

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Asakusa Samba

Por kirai el 15 de September de 2008 en Events

Two weeks ago I joined some friends and we went together to the “Asakusa Samba” festival. It is celebrated every year the last Saturday of August. It was interesting to see how Japanese people have adapted a Brazilian tradition. I’m always interested in how Japanese take foreign food, traditions, technology and adapt them to fit [...]

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iPhone queue in Tokyo

Por kirai el 11 de July de 2008 en Events,Gadgets

I went this morning with Dannychoo to check out the iPhone queue in the main Softbank store in Harajuku. It’s impressive, there is already people lining up for tomorrow! Did you get an iPhone today? will you wait? you don’t care about the iPhone? Here there are some pictures of the queue I took: Aoki, [...]

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Youtube Mix

Por kirai el 28 de October de 2007 en Events

The party where we met a Steve Chen is calles Youtube Mix. I was expecting something similar to the Eyevio event but it was much more glamorous; champagne everywhere, nice Youtube girls, and there were even university models! Here are some of the pictures I took. More pics and info at Dannychoo’s post.

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With Steve Chen, the Youtube co-founder

Por kirai el 25 de October de 2007 en Events

Today, Dannychoo and me were invited to a private party where we had the opportunity to talk with Steve Chen. He is a really cool guy, and he seems really happy, always smiling and laughing From left to right: Danny Choo, Steve Chen and me. More stuff about this event tomorrow.

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