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Virtual Fitting Room

Por kirai el 03 de July de 2015 en Fashion

Does someboody know what company is developing the following “magic mirror”? It seems that some people has started spotting them at some shops in Omotesando, but I still don’t know where exactly. Via: imgur.

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Kyunkun – Fashion & Robots

Por kirai el 21 de May de 2015 en Fashion

Kyunkun is a girl born in Tokyo who defines herself as a “Robot Fashion creator”. She started making wearable prototypes using arduinos and LEDs and little by little she evolved her style by adding mechanical elements. Her latest model is some kind of bag with arms coming out of the back. For the moment this […]

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Lolita Fashion in Shinjuku

Por kirai el 17 de April de 2014 en Fashion

Since so many tourists were attracted to the Harajuku bridge, it has become more and more difficult to spot young Japanese people dressed following the style of Tokyo urban tribes. Some years ago if you went on a Sunday to Harajuku it was very easy to see lolitas walking around and showing off. Nowadays it […]

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Por kirai el 30 de August de 2013 en Fashion,Traditional

Fundoshi (褌) is the most well-known Japanese traditional undergarment for men. With the arrival of Western underwear after World War II it felt out of use. Nowadays they are only used in traditional festivals (“matsuri”) and as traditional swimming suits. Photo by Rocket news The Japan Fundoshi Association has launched a Manga Fundoshi Kickstarter. The […]

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Yaeba: The Japanese Trend of Using Artificial Fangs

Por kirai el 09 de September de 2012 en Fashion

One of the latest weird trends in Japan consists on using artificial fangs so that they stick out a little bit and give you a vampirish look. The Japanese term for the new trend is “yaeba”, which means something like “an extra/added layer to the tooth”. Tomomi Itano, one of the AKB48 members, is one […]

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Latest gyaru hairstyles

Por kirai el 02 de February de 2011 en Fashion

Ageha magazine, one of the most sold magazines in Japan, has just published an articled about the latest trends in gyaru hairstyles. Gyaru girls fashion is quite eccentric; for example they love to exaggerate aspects of their eyelashes and their hairstyle. Source: Chihhylove

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LED lights for your mouth

Por kirai el 01 de February de 2011 en Fashion

Some weeks ago this video of some girls walking around Harajuku with some kind of device lightening up their mouth was published on the Internet. Many people, mostly foreigners, thought that it was a new trend in Tokyo. But we, the people that live here, haven’t seen anybody on the streets with LED lights on […]

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Dogs in school uniform

Por kirai el 20 de January de 2011 en Fashion

Photos by Tokyo Times

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