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River Fish 川魚 ー Kawasakana

Por kirai el 18 de May de 2015 en Food

The Japanese love fish, not only from the sea, but also fish (Sakana 魚) from rivers (Kawa, 川). Depending on the area and the season, the types of fish available vary a lot. The most common ones are ayu 鮎 and iwana 岩魚, which you can find almost throughout the country. They are easy to […]

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Curry And Dragon Ball Z

Por kirai el 12 de May de 2015 en Anime,Food

The restaurant chain Coco Curry Ichibanya 壱番屋 which specializes in Japanese curry has been running a Dragon Ball Z marketing campaign for the last few weeks. It is part of the promotion of the new Dragon Ball Z movie and it will last until May 31st. If you are in Japan and you like curry […]

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Restaurant On Top Of A Gajumaru

Por kirai el 19 de April de 2015 en Food

This strange restaurant built on top of a tree can be found in Okinawa not far from Naha airport along highway 58. The tree is a Gajumaru (also known in India as Banyan), which is a species of the genus Ficus. The Gajumaru/Banyan is a tree that you can typically find in Asian tropical areas, […]

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Iceland Whale Meat In My Supermarket

Por kirai el 30 de March de 2015 en Food

The other day I went to the supermarket to buy some salmon and I found some whale meat from Iceland. I have been reading about it online and it seems that the Japanese can’t catch enough whales for the demand that exists in Japan. To solve the problem the government agreed to import whale meat […]

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Nagashi Soumen

Por kirai el 16 de August de 2014 en Food

Nagashi Soumen 流し素麺 is a Japanese Summer tradition which consists on putting noodles (Soumen, 素麺) on a bamboo cane and leaving them fall along together with water. If you participate you will have to catch the noodles with your chopsticks as they pass in front of you. The more you catch the more you eat! […]

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Obama Dines Sushi at Jiro

Por kirai el 24 de April de 2014 en Food

Here in Tokyo during the last few days we have felt a larger police presence, mostly in train stations, due to Barack Obama’s visit. The first that Obama has done in Tokyo just after landing has been to eat the best sushi in the world with Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan. “I was […]

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Kit Kat Shop

Por kirai el 30 de January de 2014 en Food

The first shop in the world that is specialized in Kit Kat has recently opened its doors in the Seibu shopping mall (B1 floor) in Ikebukuro. In addition to the most popular weird varieties that you can usually find in Japan, the shop has exclusive flavours that can only be found in it. This is […]

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First Tuna of 2014 in Japan

Por kirai el 06 de January de 2014 en Food

Yesterday the first tuna auction of the year was held in Tsukiji where the first tuna of the year, weighting 230 kg, was sold for 7.36 million yen (around 70,000 dollars/50,000 euros). The price is far cheaper than the tuna sold in the auction 3 years ago which was sold for 32.49 million yen. Photo […]

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