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Kunoichi – The Female Ninjas Of Dynabook

Por kirai el 29 de June de 2014 en Advertising,Gadgets

“Kunoichi” くノ一 is the Japanese word for female ninja. In the following pictures you can see several Kunoichi in the latest advertising campaign of Toshiba. With this advertising campaign Toshiba tries to highlight the flexibility of its new Dynabook Kira L93, which can be used as a laptop or as a tablet, thus resembling the […]

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Brain Controlled Tail

Por kirai el 27 de September de 2012 en Gadgets

Neurowear, the company that created the cat ears controlled with your mind, has done it again and has created an artificial tail that wags according to the emotional state of the user. As of now it’s only a prototype but it seems they want to launch a real product to the market in the future. […]

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7.25 Million iPhones Were Sold in Japan During 2011

Por kirai el 07 de June de 2012 en Gadgets

The Apple iPhone strengthened last year its position as the best-selling smartphone in Japan. During 2011 7.25 million iPhones were sold, reaching a 30% of the smartphone market share. Approximately 5.7% of the Japanese population bought a new iPhone last year. Impressive numbers! The iPhone is the best-selling smartphone but if you look at the […]

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Working with a Sony Head-mounted Display

Por kirai el 17 de May de 2012 en Gadgets,Technology

A Mixi engineer recently bought a HMZ-T1 (Sony), possibly the best Head-mounted Display in the market. But instead of using it to play video games or watch movies he is trying to use it to work. One of the advantages is that you can work in any position! Morimoto working. One of the things he […]

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My Top 10 Gadgets

Por kirai el 29 de April de 2012 en Gadgets

The other day through Twitter @ignacio_valdes pointed me to this post I wrote in 2007 and asked me what computers I was using right now. It’s been almost 5 years and I am still using the Mac Mini I mentioned back then. The interesting thing is that lately more than “computers” to carry out several […]

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Aibo Smartphone – Bandai’s Smartpet

Por kirai el 04 de April de 2012 en Gadgets

Bandai has just released (only in Japan at the moment) a new accesory to turn your smartphone into some kind of Aibo robot. The name of the gadget is SmartPet (スマートペット) and it’s on sale at Amazon Japan for around 55 euros / 70 dollars. It works combining the gadget with an application developed by […]

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Necomimi, cat ears controlled with your mind

Por kirai el 09 de May de 2011 en Gadgets

My friend from Tokyo Otaku Mode introduced me a new product created by Neurowear called “necomimi” (in Japanese it literally means “cat ears”). The user can control the cat ears using his/her mind. This two videos show the device in action, I love its simplicity!

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Calculator with integrated soroban abacus

Por kirai el 08 de January de 2011 en Gadgets

This calculator with integrated soroban abacus is fabulous. A soroban (算盤, そろばん) is a Japanese abacus. I’ve seen Japanese people that can use a soroban and are able to make quite complex calculations with it much faster than with a calculator. To learn how to use a soroban this PDF is great.

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