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Parasols in Japan

Por kirai el 06 de September de 2012 en Health

In Summer many Japanese women can be seen on the streets wearing a parasol, even in cloudy days. They are really careful protecting themselves against the sun. Not all of them, but most Japanese women consider that the whiter their skin the better. Having a white skin is considered a very important part of beauty [...]

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Japan and Spain rank 1st and 2nd in life expectancy

Por kirai el 25 de November de 2011 en Health

According to the last study of the OCDE Japan is the country with the highest life expectancy in the world (86.4 years) while Spain (my home country) ranks second (84.9 years). I am not an expert and most likely nobody knows for sure but I dare to say that probably two key elements in common [...]

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Electronic cigarettes in Japan

Por kirai el 09 de July de 2010 en Health

It seems like electronic cigarettes have been on the market all around the world for some time, however I didn’t know about them until recently. It turns out that lately I see them everywhere, even in newsstands and Japanese supermarkets. It’s healthy!! Notice how well designed is the package to conveniently recharge it.

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H1N1 flu in my company

Por kirai el 15 de November de 2009 en Health

There was recently a H1N1 flu case in my company. Immediately it was announced and we had to stop working right away and go to the hospital to do tests to see if any employee was infected. When we went back to the office, we had to disinfect our hands with alcohol at the building [...]

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Swine flu fear in Tokyo

Por kirai el 25 de May de 2009 en Health

Last week the first cases of swine flu were confirmed in Kobe and days later in Tokyo. Japanese people are taking many precautions against it and have started buying tons of surgical masks. In the area of Kobe and Osaka more than 4.000 schools have closed and kids are supposed to be studying at home. [...]

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Megaprotection against the Sun

Por kirai el 10 de December de 2008 en Health

Japanese are pretty extreme when it comes to protecting their skin against solar rays. Most people use 50 factor protection creams, parasols or gloves; but the most advanced technique consists on using the “megaprotector”! This pictures was taken a few days ago, at the end of November!

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Alcoholic spa

Por kirai el 25 de November de 2007 en Health

Yunessun is a well known spa located in Hakone. It’s an interesing spa because they add common drinks to the baths/ofuros. The most well know are the wine and the sake baths, but there are also ofuros with beer, green tea or even coffee. I would try the green tea one, but I don’t know [...]

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Karoshi 過労死

Por kirai el 30 de September de 2007 en Health,Society

Karōshi (過労死 : excess – labor – death) is a Japanese word that means “sudden death caused by excess of work”. This specific word only exists in Japanese, but it’s starting to be exported to other countries like Korea where the same problem is arising. After the Second World War, Japan was able to recover [...]

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