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Tohoku Shinkasen Free Wi-Fi

Por kirai el 28 de May de 2015 en Internet,Trains

JR is now offering free wi-fi for the passengers of the new Tohoku Shinkansen. We thank JR for its kindness as it is still not easy to find places with open wi-fi networks in Japan. However lately it seems the situation is improving a bit in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. In addition to the […]

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Free Wi-Fi in Tokyo for Tourists During 14 Days

Por kirai el 21 de April de 2013 en Internet

It seems like little by little the people with power to change things are starting to realize that one of the greatest problems that travellers find when they arrive to Japan is how closed and inaccessible the Wi-Fi and 3G ecosystem is (controlled by a few operators that make it very difficult to give you […]

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The End of Flickr?

Por kirai el 21 de February de 2012 en Internet,Photography

I have been using Flickr for six years, I am a fan! Thanks to its community I have learned a lot about photography. However since a year or two ago I have been noticing how the activity on Flickr has been decreasing. Users are leaving and using other services. It is not something surprising because […]

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Covering your body in clothespins to obtain 1,000 retweets

Por kirai el 15 de February de 2012 en Funny,Internet

The president of the small Japanese web development company Omocoro challenged one of his employees Sebuyama starting the experiment.

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Google Plus

Por kirai el 03 de August de 2011 en Internet

Three weeks ago I started using Google Plus. I love it! You can follow me here. If you still don’t have a Google+ account and you want to check it out, write a comment in this post and I will invite you. If you prefer, you can follow my activity in other social networks: Facebook […]

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Twitter is Japan’s number one Social Network

Por kirai el 24 de January de 2011 en Internet

In Twitter Japan, where I’ve been working for the last two years, we are very happy to have surpassed Mixi as the top social network in Japan, according to data provided by Comscore. Mixi has been the market leader for the last decade and is still very popular around here. Graph by Comscore. Follow me […]

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Butt roller

Por kirai el 22 de June de 2009 en Gadgets,Internet

My friend Ale found the newest innovation from the guys who made the bust roller. The box advices the users to use it at least 15 minutes a day, boring… effective?

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Virtual boyfriend

Por kirai el 30 de October de 2008 en Internet

Web-care is a Japanese Internet service that allows you to have a virtual boyfriend. There are tons of similar games in the Japanese market (Marketed for boys and for girls), but Web-care is the newest stuff out there with “Web 2.0″ style and it is being pretty successful. There are already more than 20.000 girls […]

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