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Interview with Néstor Soriano, Konamiman

Por kirai el 14 de August de 2010 en Interviews

Néstor Soriano, known on the Internet as Konamiman, is the first person in the history of humanity that was able to tweet from an MSX, a great geek achievement! That’s why I decided that it was time to interview him so he could tell us how he fell in love with MSX computers for life, [...]

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An interview with Chris Willson

Por kirai el 25 de October de 2009 en Interviews,Photography

A few months ago I got to meet photographer Chris Willson and now I consider him a friend. You can follow him on, on his blog and on his flickr. Your life in three sentences Grew up in England. Traveled a lot. Now live in Okinawa where I take photographs, write and teach. Why [...]

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Open interview to Wada-san

Por kirai el 15 de May de 2007 en Interviews

Wada-san is programmer at Technorati Japan, he works with me and gave me the opportunity to interview him. I decided to do an “open” interview, that means that you make the questions making comments in this post. The rules are: Enter your questions commenting in this entry. Wada-san understands English, of course you can ask [...]

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