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Gold 金 Chosen as 2012 Kanji of the Year

Por kirai el 30 de December de 2012 en Japanese

At the end of every year the Japanese people choose a kanji character that represents the sentiment of their society during the year that is coming to an end. The most voted character this year has been 金 (kin, きん) which means “gold”. It has been chosen because 2012 has been an olympic year, the [...]

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Bonds 絆 chosen as 2011 Kanji of the year

Por kirai el 12 de December de 2011 en Japanese

Every year the Japanese people choose one kanji character that represents the society’s sentiment regarding the year that is coming to an end. The most voted character this year has been 絆 (kizuna, きずな), which means “bonds”, normally used when talking about the bonds and collaboration among people, friends, family… In this case it has [...]

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InoKashira VS InoGashira

Por kirai el 18 de October de 2010 en Japanese

Japanese language is written using three alphabets: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. However since Japan began being “connected” to the Western world there have been several attempts to write the Japanese language using our alphabet. The basic idea of all these attempts consists on emulating the pronunciation of Japanese characters the best possible way using the [...]

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Por kirai el 27 de September de 2010 en Funny,Japanese

Japanglish is the kind of humorous English language usually seen around Japan characterized by a poor translation from Japanese to English. The results of those literal translations can be very funny. Japanglish is also known as Engrish. Miguel Michán has sent me this great Japanglish example. Can somebody decipher this Japanglish text? Other Japanglish posts: [...]

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Repetition character in Japanese

Por kirai el 12 de August de 2010 en Japanese

If you are not studying Japanese you will probably not be interested in reading this article. It’s been a long time since I don’t write about the Japanese language. After many years studying the language I still learn new things every day. The other day I was curious to know more about the “々” character, [...]

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Por kirai el 14 de June de 2010 en Japanese

In Japan we don’t have blu-ray… we have bRu-ray Other Japanglish posts: Some more Japanglish There is a staff who can speak English This vehicle is done to weaken an air conditioner Fuculty

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196 new official kanji characters

Por kirai el 08 de June de 2010 en Japanese

The Japanese language has three different alphabets: hiragana, katakana and kanji. Hiragana and katakana represent syllables and have a fixed number of characters (46 each, 92 in total). Kanji characters are much more complex; in theory there are more than 50,000 kanji characters. The good news is that “officially” only 1,945 of them can be [...]

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Some more Japanglish

Por kirai el 09 de February de 2010 en Japanese

Lately I have been able to take quite a few new pictures of Japanglish (broken English usually seen in Japan). The Japanglish example on the first photo is a classic; in a lot of restaurants they misspell hamburger, most of the time as “hamburg” (probably because they confuse it with the German city), another way [...]

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