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Private school commercial

Por kirai el 20 de May de 2010 en JapaneseTV

This is a TV commercial of a private school that helps students to prepare themselves for the university entrance examination. Any ideas about the hidden meaning of the commercial? How did they came up with this crazy idea?

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Schwarzenegger promoting tourism in California

Por kirai el 10 de April de 2010 en JapaneseTV

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, and his team have produced several great commercials that are being broadcasted in Japanese TV to promote tourism in California. They have also started a website in Japanese with a lot of touristic information called I like the final result of the commercials of Schwarzenegger speaking in Japanese. [...]

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Cutting a bullet in half with a katana

Por kirai el 04 de April de 2010 en JapaneseTV

I found really impressive these videos featuring a Japanese man with superpowers, able to cut a bullet using a katana. In the first video he cuts a bullet in half which is shot with an air gun from a 15 meter distance; and in the second video he does the same but this time cutting [...]

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Foreigner nose

Por kirai el 27 de March de 2010 en JapaneseTV

Sometimes when Japanese people dress up like a “foreigner”, they put on a fake plastic nose trying to imitate our noses, which generally are more protuberant than theirs. For example, in this TV show, the comedian Tsukaji Muga is dressed up as an “Amerika-jin” (American). Notice the fake big nose and the tie In the [...]

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Quentin Tarantino in an Otosan commercial

Por kirai el 07 de February de 2010 en JapaneseTV

Quentin Tarantino loves Japanese culture; he’s been multiple times in Japan and he has confessed to being a fan of Japanese cinema. Tarantino’s vision of Japan can be appreciated in Kill Bill: lots of blood but shown stylishly, with a certain iki feeling. In his last visit to Tokyo he was eating with Brad Pitt [...]

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Kazuko Hosoki

Por kirai el 25 de January de 2010 en JapaneseTV

Kazuko Hosoki is the most popular clairvoyant not only in Japan but in the whole world. She has published more than 100 books and her TV shows are followed by a huge audience. Bookstore section specially dedicated to Kazuko Hosoki books. Guests that visit the TV shows of Kazuko Hosoki are “judged” live. Generally she [...]

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Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino eating

Por kirai el 03 de December de 2009 en JapaneseTV

It still amazes me how Hollywood stars are treated when they visit Japanese TV shows to promote their movies. This time it’s the turn of Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino, who visited Japan to promote Inglorious Basterds. In the “interview” they barely say anything interesting, they just eat and eat, Brad Pitt says that his [...]

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Ninja typing speed

Por kirai el 15 de May de 2009 en JapaneseTV

The girl in the video works typing subtitles in real time for Japanese live TV shows. It is just amazing to see how fast she can type and how she does it doing combos with a tiny keyboard. It is even more awesome if you think that daily Japanese uses around 2000 different characters, she [...]

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