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Por kirai el 01 de November de 2013 en JapanGuide

Matsushima is a group of almost 300 islands that lay inside a small bay in the Miyagi prefecture. Matsushima is written in Japanese using the characters 松:pine and 島:island because it turns out that most of the islands are covered by pines. The views from the mountains behind the town of Matsushima-machi are considered as […]

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Daibutsu Hiking Trail in Kamakura

Por kirai el 29 de September de 2013 en JapanGuide

At the end of the 12th century, the imperial family lost their military control over Japan. After several years of civil wars between the Minamoto (Genji) and Taira (Heike) clans, Minamoto no Yoritomo defeated the Taira clan. He rose to power as the shogun (military dictator) taking control all over Japan, establishing the capital in […]

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Hotels in Tokyo

Por kirai el 02 de August de 2013 en JapanGuide

I recently received an e-mail from a friend asking me about hotels in Tokyo. A lot of people have asked me about where to stay in Tokyo but I find it difficult and delicate to recommend a hotel or restaurant that afterwards won’t meet expectations. Let’s try! Now it gets complicated: hotels, by reading your […]

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Por kirai el 07 de July de 2013 en JapanGuide

“Even if it rains you will not get wet” – that is the first thing I read in a sign last Summer when we arrived to Niijima (新島, 新: new, 島:island). At the same time we were seeing the cloud of drizzle that seemed to have followed our boat from Oshima (大島, 大: big, 島:island) […]

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Mount Fuji at Night

Por kirai el 04 de September de 2012 en JapanGuide

We started our day with the surprise of being able to see mount Fuji greeting us from among the clouds for some minutes over lake Kawaguchi. It was cloudy all day, even some raindrops fell, but after having dinner the sky cleared up, we could see the stars and even mount Fuji let us see […]

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Mount Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi

Por kirai el 19 de August de 2012 en JapanGuide

We meet in Shinjuku at 6:00am to set out on a road trip to the lake area around Mount Fuji. The objective of the day is to take photos of haikyos; it seems that the area was a very attractive holiday destination during the Japanese economic bubble of the eighties, and many hotels, resorts, restaurants […]

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Oshino Hakkai 忍野八海

Por kirai el 09 de August de 2012 en JapanGuide

Mount Fuji is surrounded by five lakes that were formed during a very powerful eruption 1,200 years ago. Formerly there were only four lakes but the biggest one split during the eruption into two lakes that are connected by underground water tunnels. The area that sank, known as Oshino Hakkai 忍野八海, is plenty of water […]

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Por kirai el 13 de May de 2012 en JapanGuide

Ooyama 大山 is a 1,250 meter tall mountain ideal to spend a day trip out of Tokyo. It reminded me a lot of of Mount Takao, as there is also a couple of temples half way during the climb, a Shinto temple and a Buddhist temple, and from the top you can see all the […]

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