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Sharing A Drink With Your Virtual Girlfriend Using Oculus Rift

Por kirai el 09 de September de 2014 en Otaku

An otaku nicknamed Negipoyoshi has coded a simulator that you can use to share a drink with Hatsune Miku, a Japanese virtual idol that will pretend to be your “real” girlfriend. To achieve this feat, Negipoyoshi has used version 2 of the Oculus Rift Development Kit. This is just another example of how the real […]

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Patlabor in Kichijoji

Por kirai el 14 de April de 2014 en Otaku

Yesterday an 8-meter Patlabor mech appeared right in the middle of Kichijoji. It was part of the marketing campaign to promote the new Patlabor Next Generation. Photos via Related posts: Giant Gundam in Odaiba

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The Otaku Shrine – Kanda Myojin

Por kirai el 09 de November de 2013 en Otaku

At five minutes walking distance from Akihabara, Tokyo’s geekest neighborhood, you can find the Shintoist shrine Kanda Myōjin (Google Maps). At first glance it might appear that it’s just a normal temple but if we go inside… In the area where omamori お守り (Protectors) are sold I found this special omamori for the workers of […]

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Otaku Rice Fields

Por kirai el 01 de July de 2013 en Otaku

Every year the town of Inakadate in Aomori uses some of their rice fields to create Tanbo Art 田んぼアート (the art of rice fields). This year the theme chosen is quite cool! Naruto Rice Field Doraemon! More about rice field art at Kotaku Related posts: Rice fields and Japanese characters Taco rice

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Buddha Doing a Kamehameha

Por kirai el 16 de April de 2013 en Otaku

The Buddha in Ushiku has been caught recently doing a Kamehameha Source:

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Japanese Schoolgirls Doing The Kamehameha

Por kirai el 08 de April de 2013 en Otaku

All of us that were Dragon Ball fans when we were kids tried at some point to imitate the famous Kamehameha attack. Coinciding with the release of the much anticipated Dragon Ball Z movie, a new trend has emerged among Japanese schoolgirls to take photos doing Kamehamehas and other similar attacks. This kind of photos […]

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Otaku Camera by Tokyo Otaku Mode

Por kirai el 05 de February de 2013 en Otaku

Tomohide Kamei, one of my ex-colleagues, is now the CEO of Tokyo Otaku Mode. He has managed to build one of the most active otaku communities nowadays. Besides publishing otaku content on their Facebook page, where they already have 10 million “likes”, they are also starting to create their own apps using the same brand. […]

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Dragon Ball Coffee

Por kirai el 11 de September de 2012 en Otaku

I’ve already written sometimes about the great art that Japanese cafeterias are able to offer on their caffee lates. This time a “Latte artist” has been able to use his techniques to reproduce several Dragon Ball characters: Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode.

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