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Manufacturing Makeup Brushes

Por kirai el 09 de April de 2015 en Photography

The president of Beautilish, an online shop that sells makeup, follows me on Flickr and seems to like the style of my photos. Last year he offered me to travel to Kumano (near Hiroshima) to visit the factory where their makeup brushes are made and do a photo report of the manufacturing process of the […]

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2014 Through My Instagram

Por kirai el 24 de December de 2014 en Photography

This is another post to compile the best photos I have taken during 2014, this time with my Instagram. To select the photos I have used Iconsquare by filtering the photos which had more than 300 likes. For those of you that ask me on Twitter, I’m still using an iPhone 4 to take the […]

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2014 In Tokyo Through My Cameras

Por kirai el 17 de December de 2014 en Photography

In this year that is coming to an end I’ve still been rocking with my passion for photography. In my instagram @kirainet you can follow the photos that I take with my iPhone 4 and that I publish almost daily. In this post I am compiling the photos that I have taken during the year […]

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Photos of Ancient Japan

Por kirai el 16 de June de 2014 en Photography

I’ve been collecting photos of ancient Japan for a while. I compile them in my Pinterest. Most of the photos are from the late 19th century and early 20th century. My favorites are the photos of the farmers in the foggy forest and the photos of the Buddha in Kamakura. In one of them you […]

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2013 Through My Instagram

Por kirai el 15 de January de 2014 en Photography

Last year I kept using my Instagram @kirainet frequently. It is one of the apps that I use in my iPhone 4. I like to see the timeline to see what people is doing around the world and I like to take photos with my iPhone because it continuously makes me to look around in […]

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My Best Photos in 2013

Por kirai el 02 de January de 2014 en Photography

I started 2013 in Spain where I took the first pictures of the year. I spent the rest of the year in Japan taking photos with my Nikon D800, Fuji X100 and my Iphone 4. The only addition to my photography equipment this year was a Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8D lens (until now I just had […]

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Visiting a Yowa Yowa Exhibition by Natsumi Hayashi

Por kirai el 15 de September de 2013 en Photography

Last year we had the opportunity to visit a small photography exhibition by Natsumi Hayashi, a Japanese girl that takes photos of herself levitating. Her photos are great, she uses different techniques to be able to achieve such a credible levitating effect. While on the exhibition we tried to imitate her style just by doing […]

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The Granny and the Cat

Por kirai el 03 de January de 2013 en Photography

Miyoko Ihara (31 years old) has been taking photos of Misao (88 years old) and her cat Fukumaru for 8 years. She has taken so many photos of Misao and Fukumaru’s life that even they have published a photobook. These are some of the best pictures of Misao and Fukumaru: Via Hamusoku

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