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Donating to Charity by Squeezing the Boobs of a Porn Actress

Por kirai el 30 de August de 2012 en Sex

A TV production company held an event last weekend in which if you donated 1,000 yen (around 10 EUR/13 USD) to fight against AIDS you had the chance to grab and squeeze the boobs of a porn actress. During two days 4,690 people donated money and had the chance to squeeze boobies; a line was [...]

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Reading adult stuff on the subway

Por kirai el 13 de August de 2010 en Sex

Notice that there is a kid right next to the man, but he doesn’t care at all. It is not difficult to see people reading adult magazines and erotic manga in public places without any concern, it seems like they are not embarrassed, like they don’t care about what everyone else thinks about them.

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Used panties vending machines

Por kirai el 10 de August de 2010 en Sex

Used panties vending machines are another example of the particularities of certain aspects of Japanese society. Young ladies, sometimes even teenagers, use some panties for a while, and then they sell them to get some extra money. Selling used panties is not legal in Japan anymore, thus not many of these vending machines remain on [...]

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Porn magazines vending machine

Por kirai el 19 de January de 2010 en Sex

Somebody sent me this picture of a vending machine serving Japanese porn magazines. Notice that to buy the material it is required to introduce a driving license in the slot that is just above the coin slot. I have never seen one of these, I think they are not very common; however I have lately [...]

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73 year old Japanese porn star

Por kirai el 24 de November de 2009 en Sex

Shigeo Tokuda worked all his life for a travel agency until he retired when he was 60 years old. When he retired he realized that he had too much free time and decided to become an actor for the adult film industry. Being 73 years old he has appeared in more than 350 porn movies, [...]

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Masturbation World Record, 9 hours and 33 minutes non-stop

Por kirai el 11 de October de 2009 en Sex

My friends Xavi and Noe were recently in a ramen restaurant near Shinjuku, and what they will not forget about the restaurant is not the food. Suddenly, the restaurant owner showed them with pride a newspaper article about one of his friends who had just broken the male masturbation world record. The author of such [...]

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Kanamara matsuri – Japanese dicks festival

Por kirai el 05 de April de 2009 en Sex,Traditional

Yesterday I went with my friends Ignacio and Take to the Kanamara traditional festival near Kawasaki. The wikipedia translates it as the Festival of the Steel Phallus. It is Shinto fertility festival dedicated to the penis celebrated every year at Kawasakidaishi. It was so fun, estrange and surrealistic… I don’t know how to explain it [...]

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The 48 Japanese sexual positions

Por kirai el 08 de March de 2009 en Sex

Four years ago one of the first presents I brought back from Japan for my Spanish friends was this: In the middle it is written: 四十八手 (48 arms-hands) These are the illustrations of 48 Japanese sexual positions, let’s say that it is the Japanese kamasutra. Four years ago I did not think about the origins [...]

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