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Ladies or Gentlemen

Por kirai el 30 de November de 2012 en Signs

Sign indicating the location of the toilets at Gonpachi restaurant in Nishi Azabu.

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Do Not Titanic!

Por kirai el 10 de November de 2012 en Signs

“タイタニック禁止” == “Titanic Forbidden”

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Dentist Sign

Por kirai el 09 de October de 2012 en Signs

Via Ikusuki via Love living in Japan.

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Kites in Enoshima

Por kirai el 11 de February de 2012 en Signs

I have been a few times to Enoshima, a wonderful place which makes a perfect one day trip from Tokyo. The first time I went there I was surprised, and at the same time a little bit scared, by the amount of kites that were flying very close to our heads. It seems like these […]

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How to use a playground slide

Por kirai el 21 de February de 2011 en Signs

In Japan there’s always a cool way to warn about any danger. Take a look at these warnings about how kids should not use the playground slide.

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Cat Wanted

Por kirai el 30 de June de 2010 en Signs

Message to Samurai at the airport

Por kirai el 23 de June de 2010 en Signs

Businessmen version. Seen by Alain at Narita airport.

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Change! Yes, we can!

Por kirai el 07 de June de 2010 en Signs

Near my house there is a small park that has some ponies that kids can ride during certain hours. Recently they have changed the opening hours and to announce it making sure that everybody knows they have put these posters that combine shrewdly the “Change!” (changing the opening hours) and the “Yes, we can!” of […]

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