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Hebocon – The Crappy Robots Competition

Por kirai el 04 de July de 2015 en Technology

I was not aware of the existence of Hebocon, but then just today I found the video shown below. Hebocon is a robot competition in which the important thing is not to have the most sophisticated robot as in the Robocup, what matters is the originality and above all the crappiness of the robots. In […]

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Hoverboard By Lexus

Por kirai el 29 de June de 2015 en Technology

Lexus (Toyota) has just launched this teaser video to show an hoverboard similar to those that appeared on Back to the Future. It looks like magic but it’s just the meissner effect in action. The surface looks like concrete but it isn’t. Toyota is promising to explain how it works in the official website of […]

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Pepper – Softbank’s Robot That Can Read Your Emotions

Por kirai el 28 de June de 2014 en Technology

Last Tuesday I had the chance to meet Pepper, the robot designed and built by Softbank that is planned to be released to the market next year for 200,000 yen (around 1,400 EUR or 2,000 USD). There are two prototypes at the Softbank shop in Harajuku and you can interact with them. I tried to […]

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The Newest Version of Asimo

Por kirai el 22 de April de 2014 en Technology

Honda engineers have been working for more than 30 years trying to create a humanoid robot: Asimo. For the last few years the appearance of Asimo has barely changed, however every year that goes by he has smoother moves, he is more agile and is faster when walking, running or even dancing. The newest version […]

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First 8K Live Video Broadcast

Por kirai el 03 de March de 2014 en Technology

NHK, the main Japanese TV network, and also a big corporation with research departments, was recently able to successfully broadcast 8K video on the air. To simply understand what it means to broadcast video in 8K, we can think of it as transimitting video with a quality “equivalent” to that of a 33.1 megapixel camera. […]

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Powered Jacket MK3

Por kirai el 17 de July de 2013 en Technology

Sawaga Electronics has developed an exoskeleton based on the manga Powered Jacket. At the moment they are going to make only 5 units and they will sell them for around 100,000 euros/130,000 dollars each. The promotional video with a bit of ironic/surreal Japanese humor is great. Source: Freshnessmag

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Por kirai el 03 de December de 2012 en Technology

This weekend took place the Maker Faire Tokyo, a fair where one of the biggest attractions has been the Kuratas, a kind of mecha-like robots developed by Suidobashi Heavy Industry. Only one of the prototypes was shown on the fair which could be used by visitors. On their website you can even buy one (a […]

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Floating Wind Turbines

Por kirai el 30 de September de 2012 en Technology

As Japan announced that it will become a nuclear free country by 2030, the Japanese government has started to approve a series of measures to start developing alternative energy sources. Here in Japan solar energy is not viable as there’s almost no space and most days throughout the year it is cloudy. Wind energy is […]

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