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Walking Around Kameido

Por kirai el 20 de March de 2014 en Tokyo

Kameido is a neighborhood in east Tokyo (JR Sobu line from Akihabara to Chiba) which is not very touristy but it’s worth to take a stroll around its alleys. Nowadays the eastern part of Tokyo is the youngest and most lively part of the city (Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, etc), however during the Edo era the […]

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Tokyo’s Guitar Street

Por kirai el 10 de January de 2014 en Tokyo

Ochanomizu is a must-see location for guitar lovers that come to Tokyo. Ochanomizu is a street plenty of shops, some of them occupying whole buildings, specialized in guitars and string instruments in general. Google Maps

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One Gigapixel Photo from Roppongi Hills

Por kirai el 11 de April de 2013 en Tokyo

Check this impressive interactive panoramic one gigapixel photo captured from Roppongi Hills in Tokyo

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Jimbocho, the neighbourhood of the old books

Por kirai el 16 de June de 2011 en Tokyo

I had been several times around Jimbocho, near Tokyo Station, but up until recently I hadn’t had the time to enjoy the famous streets where you can find plenty of second hand books. Last month, I could finally go there and snoop around the bookstores. I wasn’t expecting to find so many stores! There are […]

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Books about the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Tohoku

Por kirai el 09 de June de 2011 en Tokyo

Since I have a Kindle I go less often to my favorite bookstore Kinokuniya, but I recently went there for a while to see the latest Japanese book releases. I found shelves and sections dedicated completely to books about the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Tohoku, whose consequences we are still living in Japan. […]

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Sakura blossomed!

Por kirai el 10 de April de 2011 en Tokyo

The cherry trees (sakura) in Tokyo blossomed last week helping those of us here to continue with the diversity of our lives. This weekend, hundreds of thousands of people celebrated the arrival of spring under the flowers of sakura trees. If you are here, these are the best places to enjoy the event in Tokyo. […]

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Ginkgos Avenue – Icho Namiki

Por kirai el 16 de December de 2010 en JapanGuide,Tokyo

“Icho Namiki” (銀杏並木) avenue is the main way to enter the Meiji Jingu Gaien gardens (not to be confused with the Meiji Jingu temple). “Icho” means Ginkgo and “Namiki” means “tree line”. The yellow of the ginkgo leaves is fascinating during this time. It is one of the most visited places at the end of […]

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Green Tokyo

Por kirai el 16 de November de 2010 en Tokyo

One of the many things I love about Tokyo is the amount of green areas that you can find within a concrete jungle. Although Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world, there’s trees everywhere. The thing is that not only you can find plants and trees in parks but you can find […]

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