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Urban Mini Temple

Por kirai el 25 de May de 2015 en Architecture,Traditional

When strolling around the streets of Japanese cities one of the things that I enjoy the most is bumping into small Buddhist temples or Shintoist mini shrines. Sometimes they are so well integrated into the architecture of the buildings that you might not even notice them when passing by.

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Eggplants and Cucumbers in Obon

Por kirai el 26 de August de 2014 en Traditional

A couple of weeks ago, from the 13th to the 15th of August, Obon お盆 was celebrated around Japan. Matsuris took place all around the country to honor the spirits of the people’s ancestors. One of the traditions during Obon consists on introducing wood sticks into eggplants and cucumbers like shown on the pictures below. […]

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Incense Fireworks – Senko Hanabi

Por kirai el 31 de July de 2014 en Traditional

A typical scene seen in parks and beaches around Japan during Summer is this: Senko hanabi 線香花火 is difficult to translate but it would be something like “fireworks of incense sticks”. In reality the fireworks don’t have incense but they are very similar to incense sticks in shape and size, thus the name. Senko hanabi […]

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The Shrine That Cures Hemorrhoids

Por kirai el 14 de July de 2014 en Traditional

Kunigami is a Shintoist shrine that is specialized in blessing its visitors to cure them or protecting them from hemorrhoids. In the shrine there is a big egg-like rock in a fountain and a statue of a hen. This symbolizes a hen laying a magical rock egg that will cure hemorrhoids. According to the ritual […]

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Tanabata – Night Of Stars and Wishes

Por kirai el 08 de July de 2014 en Traditional

Tanabata (七夕: seven, night), the star festival, was celebrated in Japan yesterday, July 7th. The festival is also celebrated in China where it’s known as Qi xi. It honors the meeting of the gods Orihime and Hikoboshi which are represented by the stars Vega and Altair. Legend has it that the Milky Way separates Orihime […]

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Water Offerings in Meiji Jingu

Por kirai el 19 de June de 2014 en Drinks,Traditional

In Meiji Jingu there’s always a lot of barrels donated as an offering by many distilleries around the country. The funny thing is that last weekend I also found water bottles as offerings. In addition to being a donation to the Shintoist shrine, they are useful so that the kami-gods bring good luck and good […]

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Kameido Tenjin

Por kirai el 13 de April de 2014 en Traditional

We ended our walk around Kameido in the Shintoist shrine Kameido Tenjin 亀戸天神. As it is open 24 hours every day, it can be visited at night and you can take great pictures with night illumination and with almost no tourists/visitors spoiling the photo. The first bridge right after the main torii is the bridge […]

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Toshikoshi Soba

Por kirai el 01 de January de 2014 en Food,Traditional

One of the traditions of the Oomisoka (大晦日: last day of the year) is to eat toshikoshi soba (年越し蕎麦: year-passing soba). It is believed that eating soba noodles, which are very long, is good to have a long life. Morevover eating toshikoshi soba brings good luck and good health for the year that is beginning. […]

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