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Kameido Tenjin

Por kirai el 13 de April de 2014 en Traditional

We ended our walk around Kameido in the Shintoist shrine Kameido Tenjin 亀戸天神. As it is open 24 hours every day, it can be visited at night and you can take great pictures with night illumination and with almost no tourists/visitors spoiling the photo. The first bridge right after the main torii is the bridge […]

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Toshikoshi Soba

Por kirai el 01 de January de 2014 en Food,Traditional

One of the traditions of the Oomisoka (大晦日: last day of the year) is to eat toshikoshi soba (年越し蕎麦: year-passing soba). It is believed that eating soba noodles, which are very long, is good to have a long life. Morevover eating toshikoshi soba brings good luck and good health for the year that is beginning. […]

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Por kirai el 30 de August de 2013 en Fashion,Traditional

Fundoshi (褌) is the most well-known Japanese traditional undergarment for men. With the arrival of Western underwear after World War II it felt out of use. Nowadays they are only used in traditional festivals (“matsuri”) and as traditional swimming suits. Photo by Rocket news The Japan Fundoshi Association has launched a Manga Fundoshi Kickstarter. The […]

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Yukata and Hanabi

Por kirai el 22 de August de 2013 en Traditional

We are at the moment right in the middle of the hanabi 花火 (花: “flower”, 火: “fire”) season in Japan. Firework festivals are one of the most traditional ways for the Japanese people to celebrate Summer. The tradition is to dress up in a yukata and gather in public places to see the fireworks. One […]

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Shisa Artisans

Por kirai el 22 de September de 2012 en Traditional

I love shisa lions/dogs from Okinawa. At the Tsuboya district in Naha (five minutes walking south from Kokusai-dori) I had the chance to see several artisans creating these figures that are usually seen at the entrance of houses or on rooftops to protect them against evil spirits and dragons. Legend has it that an envoy […]

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Rakugo 落語

Por kirai el 11 de June de 2012 en Traditional

Rakugo (落語, literally “fallen words”) is a form of entertainment based on monologues. The rakugoka (the person who does monologues) sits in a seiza position on a zabuton in front of the public and tells funny short stories. Normally the stories/jokes follow a similar patter in which two main characters go through an experience together […]

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Setsubun – Oni

Por kirai el 04 de February de 2011 en Traditional

Yesterday, February 3rd, it was setsubun day here in Japan, which supposedly marks the end of the winter (a little bit early) and the entrance of spring. According to tradition, on setsubun day you have to scare the demon spirits away and eliminate all the bad things that happened the former year. One of the […]

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Flight to see the first dawn of the year

Por kirai el 05 de January de 2011 en Traditional

For many Japanese people the most interesting thing about the beginning of a new year is not the last seconds of the former year but to enjoy a first beautiful dawn in the new year. Here, the night of the 31st of December is quite quiet compared to other places in the world; the most […]

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