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Tohoku Shinkasen Free Wi-Fi

Por kirai el 28 de May de 2015 en Internet,Trains

JR is now offering free wi-fi for the passengers of the new Tohoku Shinkansen. We thank JR for its kindness as it is still not easy to find places with open wi-fi networks in Japan. However lately it seems the situation is improving a bit in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. In addition to the […]

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Shaving On The Train

Por kirai el 14 de May de 2015 en Trains

In trains in Japan it is very usual to see girls putting on their makeup with mirrors and all kinds of “gadgets” as if the train was an extension of their bathroom. However seeing a salary man shaving on the train was something new to me. I can now truly say that trains are like […]

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Por kirai el 02 de September de 2014 en Trains

One of the coolest things about Yurikamome line is that because it is automatized you can sit down in the driver seat and enjoy the nice views. The following video is composed of several photos taken with 1 second exposure while using a tripod on a seat on the first row of Yurikamome line. Darwinfish […]

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Mario at Yamanote Line

Por kirai el 24 de August de 2014 en Trains,Videogames

The other day I had to use the Yamanote line and found a little nice surprise. The whole line has been decorated with Mario themes as part of a campaign to promote the collaboration between Nintendo and Suica by JR. Nintendo eShop users can now use the e-money of their Suicas on the Wii U […]

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Odakyu Doraemon

Por kirai el 17 de June de 2013 en Anime,Trains

Some of the trains in Tokyo that belong to the private company Odakyu have recently been decorated with Doraemon characters. The Odakyu line is one of the best options if you want to visit the Hakone area. Related posts: Doraemon inventions that have become a reality Doraemon’s real home Japanese sleeping with Doraemon Toyota Commercials […]

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Daily Yamanote Moment

Por kirai el 13 de July de 2011 en Trains

Ikusuki’s scooter and my bicycle broke down, better said, we broke them down; so we had to go to work every day by train for a while. We both used the Yamanote line, which every morning is so packed that it makes you feel like you are inside a sardine can. Ikusuki started to take […]

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Kyushu Shinkansen

Por kirai el 15 de May de 2011 en Trains

On March 12th, the day after the terrible earthquake hit Japan, the Shinkansen line in Kyushu whose construction was started in 2008 started to operate. It was one of the Shinkansen lines yet to be inaugurated to “complete” the Japanese bullet train network, which has been under development since 1964 when the first high speed […]

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Tokyo’s rail network grows like slime mold

Por kirai el 08 de March de 2010 en Trains

This Science magazine article explains us a very interesting new discovery by a team of researchers at Hokkaido University. The researchers put some oat flakes as if they were places in the Tokyo metropolitan area where most of the people are accumulated. Then they put a slime mold cell in the middle of the oat […]

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