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Nakijin Castle in Okinawa

Por kirai el 15 de March de 2015 en Travel

The current Okinawa prefecture was formerly known as the Ryukyu Kingdom. The inhabitants of the Ryukyu islands were able to maintain their independence from the Chinese and Japanese empires during the Edo era. However, they were not very amiable between each other, during many years the Okinawa islands were divided in three kingdoms: Hokuzen (North […]

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Top 10 tricks for cheap traveling in Japan

Por kirai el 21 de September de 2014 en Travel

This is a guest blog post written by Matt Baxer from Cheapo Japan, I follow his blog/site since a while ago. He is very good at finding ways to not only survive but also to move around Japan very cheaply. I asked him to compile his top 10 tricks for cheap travelling in Japan, here […]

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Cowshed Reconverted Into An Artists Playground

Por kirai el 30 de August de 2014 en Travel

The other day while wandering with our car around the east of Chiba we ended up in what looked like a cowshed or farm. However when we got nearer to the place we saw that we could enter and we found people playing music, clowns doing performances to kids and even photo exhibitions. It turns […]

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Kyotoku-maru no.18 第18共徳丸 in Kesennuma

Por kirai el 28 de June de 2013 en Travel

Kyotoku-maru number 18 (第18共徳丸) is a 330-ton fishing boat that was dragged 750 meters inland by the power of the 2011 tsunami. The name of all Japanese boats ends with maru 丸, which means literally “circle”. It is said that maru 丸 symbolizes the departure from the port, the journey through the seas and the […]

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533 Days Around The World

Por kirai el 30 de April de 2013 en Travel,Videos

When I was Thailand and Singapore in 2010 with my friend Ignacio I found him several times taking a picture of his face. “It’s for a project I’m thinking about; it’s going to be really cool!” – he told me. “The idea is to take always the same kind of picture, with the same angle […]

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A Walk Through Japan in 8 Minutes

Por kirai el 10 de December de 2012 en Travel

Carlos Canals sends me these two 8 minutes videos that walk you around many different places in Japan. I really like the diversity of the places shown.

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Gardens by the Bay

Por kirai el 02 de November de 2012 en Travel

During my last visit to Singapore we visited the latest “place of interest” built in the city, Gardens by the Bay, which was opened to the public last June. It is a botanic garden with artificial trees called “supertrees” of up to 50 meters tall that are powered by solar energy. In total there are […]

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Meeting People in Singapore

Por kirai el 28 de October de 2012 en Travel

I started the month of October landing in Singapore. It was the third time I visited the city-state: the first time on holiday and the second time for work. The city is so compact, “perfect” and “easy to use” that even if you stay for a short period of time you will start feeling like […]

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