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Sunflower Day – ひまわりの日

Por kirai el 14 de July de 2015 en Various

Today is Sunflower Day in Japan (Himawari no hi, ひまわりの日). This day has been celebrated since JAXA launched their first meteorological satellite on July 14th 1977. The name of that satellite was “Sunflower number 1″. Since then, during the last 40 years, Japan has launched eight “Sunflower” meteorological satellites to space. The one that is […]

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Tama The Cat Dies

Por kirai el 25 de June de 2015 en Various

Tama the cat is probably the most famous cat in Japan. So popular that her recent death just after turning 16 years old has been important news in Asahi, one of the most read newspapers here. Tama was an abandoned cat that used to live around the Kishi station in Wakayama. With the passing of […]

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The Great Earthquake

Por kirai el 05 de June de 2015 en Various

I am at a coffee shop near Ginza. Suddenly a mother and her daughter enter inside. The mother is probably in her late fifties and the daughter is most likely around twenty years old. Both are wearing sport suits and are not very well dressed compared to the rest of people you can usually see […]

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Cleaning Up The Weeds

Por kirai el 02 de June de 2015 en Various

They look relaxed, not rushing at all, most likely happier than the salarymen that are trapped in their offices. They are pulling the small weeds that are coming out of the grass in the park, practically one by one. I asked the man that is looking at the camera in the video below: he told […]

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Ultraman at JR Stations

Por kirai el 24 de February de 2015 en Various

Today I found this Ultraman statue at Shinbashi station in the Yamanote line. Next to the statue there was a stand where you can get a stamp to certify that you have found the statue. It seems that it is a promotion to collect the Ultraman characters stamps. If you manage to get all the […]

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Giant Star Wars Statue in Sapporo

Por kirai el 23 de February de 2015 en Various

This year one of the most popular statues at Yuki Matsuri in Sapporo has been the following statue with Storm Troopers, Darth Vader and a Tie Fighter. Amazing!

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Fox Village

Por kirai el 22 de February de 2015 en Various

Until today I knew about rabbit island and cat island but I didn’t know about a small village in Miyagi prefecture where there are more than one hundred foxes walking around the streets, parks and temples. I have immediately added the village to the places I should visit in Miyagi. The following photos were taken […]

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Rabbit Island

Por kirai el 14 de September de 2014 en Various

Okunoshima is an island similar to Tashirojima, the difference being that instead of being full of cute cats it is invaded by rabbits. According to Treehugger it is an island were chemical weapons were produced during Second World War. Nowadays there’s no industry in the island anymore and there’s not many people living there. There […]

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