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Rabbit Island

Por kirai el 14 de September de 2014 en Various

Okunoshima is an island similar to Tashirojima, the difference being that instead of being full of cute cats it is invaded by rabbits. According to Treehugger it is an island were chemical weapons were produced during Second World War. Nowadays there’s no industry in the island anymore and there’s not many people living there. There […]

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Street Cleaner Superhero

Por kirai el 03 de September de 2014 en Various

Mangetsu-man (Full Moon Man) is a superhero that every Tuesday sweeps the streets in the Nihonbashi district in Tokyo. His superpower is a broom and he has been using it on the streets of Tokyo since the end of last year. Other volunteers have recently joined him every Tuesday to clean up Nihonbashi. Source: Japan […]

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10 Years in Japan

Por kirai el 01 de September de 2014 en Various

A day like today ten years ago I landed in Japan for the first time. Two of the questions I am asked the most since then are: “Why did you come to Japan?” and “Are you going to be in Japan forever?” The first question is usually asked by Japanese people that feel curious about […]

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Bananas Vending Machine

Por kirai el 27 de August de 2014 en Various

Dole has recently placed some vending machines with bananas in Tokyo. If you are interested in this website you can know exactly the location of the four vending machines that are working as of now. Source: Fun Japan Other posts about vending machines in Japan: Surgical Masks Vending Machine Low-tech Hamburger Vending Machine Fresh eggs […]

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Shopkeeper Dog

Por kirai el 06 de August de 2014 en Various

A Shiba Inu (柴犬) breed dog has become famous on the Internet because he is in charge of opening the window to welcome clients in a shop in Musashi Koganei. There’s even memes based on the famous “doge”. Source: Buzzfeed

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The New Japanese Island Keeps Growing

Por kirai el 28 de July de 2014 en Various

Eight months ago a new island emerged from the sea to the south of Japan near Ogasawara. It started as a small eruption but it seems that it hasn’t stopped and it is still growing. It already has a surface of 1.3 square kilometers and scientists say that it is large enough to consider that […]

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Summer Hail

Por kirai el 17 de July de 2014 en Various

It’s 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) and near 90% humidity in Tokyo, it’s very hot! To cool off every Summer we have the “luck” to receive something known as “guerrilla rainstorms” ゲリラ豪雨, which are localized heavy rainstorms that come and go very quickly. The novelty this year is that we are having “guerrilla hailstorms”. These […]

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Giant Salamander Spotted In Kyoto

Por kirai el 11 de July de 2014 en Various

Japanese giant salamanders (Ōsanshōuo) are the second largest species of salamander around the world (after the Chinese ones). They are as large as 1.5 meters (5 feet) long. Last week one of them was spotted near the shore of Kamogawa river in Kyoto. These type of salamanders are not dangerous at all but police decided […]

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