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Drawing a Maze During 7 Years

Por kirai el 01 de March de 2014 en Various

The janitor of a Japanese university drew a maze with millimetric precision during seven years. His son published photos of the work of art on Twitter and they went viral. People liked it so much that his son put copies of his father’s maze on sale. More about mazes: Salt labyrinths by Motoi Yamamoto. Source: […]

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Snow Creativity

Por kirai el 17 de February de 2014 en Various

They say that the snow storms in Tokyo this year are the worst of the last decades. Not only the Kanto region, but almost all the country is covered by a white mantle of snow. It’s time to build snowmen!! But Japanese people are characterized by their creativity, and they just don’t build regular snowmen. […]

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Game of Thrones Ukiyo-e

Por kirai el 03 de February de 2014 en Various

Seiji-san has been working on some Ukiyo-e-style drawings based on Game of Thrones. Winter is coming… Only a couple more months until the start of next season! Robert Baratheon vs Rhaegar Targaryen Bran Stark and Hodor travelling north. Jon Snow fighting against Qhorin Halfhand. The execution of Eddard Stark Danaerys, the mother of dragons. Full […]

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Cat Island

Por kirai el 09 de January de 2014 en Various

More cats than people live in Tashirojima, an island in Miyagi Prefecture. According to the local belief of the island, feeding the cats will bring good luck and wealth. They even have some temples dedicated to cats, which are considered some kind of local god (kami). In Tashirojima only around 100 people live but the […]

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Christmas Lights in Japan

Por kirai el 29 de December de 2013 en Various

Celebrating Christmas in Japan is an “import” from Western countries. Apart from the tradition of giving presents to others, one of the things that the Japanese have imported is Christmas lights. In most places the Christmas illumination consists of thousands of blue LED light bulbs and the themes are usually more romance-based than Christmas-based. This […]

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Body Paint by a Japanese Girl

Por kirai el 11 de November de 2013 en Various

Hikarucho is a 19 year old Japanese artist that is a body paint expert. She uses acrylic paints to do her art. Sometimes she achieves such realistic effects that it seems almost impossible that it’s only paint! You should also check out the Vimeo channel of Hirakucho. It’s great! Source: Reddit

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Dotonbori Canal Swimming Pool

Por kirai el 12 de September de 2013 en Various

The Osaka City Council is planning to turn the Dotonbori canal into an 800 meter long swimming pool. The Dotonbori canal has never had a good reputation as it has always been considered a canal with dirty waters while being located in one of the most crowded and lively areas in Osaka. The canal is […]

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Akira Predicted the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Por kirai el 09 de September de 2013 en Various

The animation movie Akira correctly predicted the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The message in this billboard says “147 days for the start of the Olympics”: Akira’s action is set in the year 2019 and the final scenes take place in the Olympics stadium built for the 2020 Olympics. Let’s hope Third World War doesn’t break out […]

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