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Satoru Iwata Unboxing the First Wii U

Por kirai el 08 de November de 2012 en Videogames

In the following video you can see Satoru Iwata, the current president of Nintendo, unboxing the Wii U for the first time. The detail of how he bows and uses gloves is great.

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Por kirai el 02 de August de 2012 en Videogames

A workmate has just bought himself a second hand FamicomBox for his birthday. I didn’t know what it was. It turns out that it’s some kind of gigantic NES that was produced at the end of the 80s in which you could choose among 15 video games. It used to be installed in hotel rooms, […]

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Resident Evil Official Restaurant

Por kirai el 25 de June de 2012 en Videogames

On July 13th Capcom will inaugurate the first official restaurant based on the video game franchise Resident Evil – Bio Hazard. The restaurant will be located in the mall Parco 1 in Shibuya and will have a performance called “S.T.A.R.S. ANGELIQE”. Via:

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Ukiyo-e Nintendo Characters

Por kirai el 16 de June de 2012 en Videogames

I love these images of Nintendo characters by Jed Henry inspired on the drawing style of ukiyo-e (traditional Japanese woodblock prints). Link of Zelda Mario and Donkey Kong Samus of Metroid Mario Kart! Mega Man

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Super Mario Bros. Bathroom

Por kirai el 26 de April de 2012 en Videogames

The best thing, the toilet paper mushroom? Via Related posts: Super Mario Bros. Pinball Mario Paper Stop Motion

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Nintendo DS toast

Por kirai el 15 de April de 2011 en Food,Videogames

Source: Twinavi

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Sega video game controlled by pee

Por kirai el 19 de December de 2010 en Videogames

Taito Station

Por kirai el 21 de November de 2010 en Videogames

In Europe almost all arcade stores disappeared at end of the 90s, as video game consoles became as powerful or even more than arcade machines, and started to be affordable to everybody. In Japan the arcades are not in their heyday but they are still quite alive; they are known here as game centers. One […]

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