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Giant Space Invaders Attacking Tokyo

Por kirai el 10 de September de 2014 en Videogames

Several years ago I came across several small Space Invaders in the streets of Tokyo. It seems that this kind of street art is growing and now the Invaders are becoming larger. They are easier to find! Have you seen any around? In this Instagram account you can see Space Invaders art around the whole […]

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Mario at Yamanote Line

Por kirai el 24 de August de 2014 en Trains,Videogames

The other day I had to use the Yamanote line and found a little nice surprise. The whole line has been decorated with Mario themes as part of a campaign to promote the collaboration between Nintendo and Suica by JR. Nintendo eShop users can now use the e-money of their Suicas on the Wii U […]

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Mario Hanging Out Around Tokyo

Por kirai el 05 de August de 2014 en Videogames

In this awesome video created by a fan you can see Mario running and jumping around Tokyo eventually arriving to Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Related posts: Super Mario Bros Pinball Super Mario Bros. Bathroom Mario Paper Stop Motion Mario Kart Wii Ad

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Giant Game Boy

Por kirai el 28 de July de 2014 en Videogames

While at Super Potato, one of the most popular retro video game stores in Akihabara we bumped into this giant Game Boy. The screen was a TV that worked like a real Game Boy, I suppose by using an emulator or a Super Game Boy.

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Pokémon Coffee Shop

Por kirai el 23 de July de 2014 en Anime,Videogames

The coffee shop located at the Mori museum in Roppongi Hills has been remodeled for the Summer. All the food served until September 1st will be based on Pokémon. If you want to order something you will have to wait in line for around two hours, however you can visit the exhibition about Pokémon next […]

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Abandoned Arcade Discovered By An Old Woman

Por kirai el 09 de July de 2014 en Videogames

An old woman who bought an old building in Chiba found out after buying it that two of the floors where full of old arcade machines. The granddaughter’s boyfriend took these pictures before cleaning up the place and posted them online. More photos at Imgur. Via Gizmodo.

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Satoru Iwata Unboxing the First Wii U

Por kirai el 08 de November de 2012 en Videogames

In the following video you can see Satoru Iwata, the current president of Nintendo, unboxing the Wii U for the first time. The detail of how he bows and uses gloves is great.

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Por kirai el 02 de August de 2012 en Videogames

A workmate has just bought himself a second hand FamicomBox for his birthday. I didn’t know what it was. It turns out that it’s some kind of gigantic NES that was produced at the end of the 80s in which you could choose among 15 video games. It used to be installed in hotel rooms, […]

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