Dance Vader behind the scenes

Por kirai el 20 de July de 2007 en Otaku

After Tokyo dance trooper success, Danny gave me the opportunity to become the most powerful being in the universe. I couldn’t say no, I became Darth Vader! Our purpose was to make a video where Darth Vader is dancing together with an Stormtrooper in Harajuku and Yoyogi park, the final video is at Dannychoo’s site. As you can see, Darth Vader is just trying to dance, I’m really out of sync!

I made the “behind the scenes” version where you can see what we did while we are not dancing.

We concentrated with video stuff, but there are also some pictures.




Free hugs from the dark side.




Using the force to park the car.


  1. Love the free hug activities you’re having. So how’s the response?

  2. Thanks for the “behind the scenes” video it was fun to watch. I think Danny has a little more room in the stormtrooper helmet, but could you wear your glasses in the Vader helmet?

    You look good in the Vader armor…

  3. “Free hugs”

    Must be sweating in those armours…

  4. Gravatar de squallheart
    21 July, 2007

    lol great stuff man XD parking the car keep up the good work.

  5. Hahaha, I had no idea you were Darth Vader, nice. :]

  6. wow. plenty of foreigners around at this time of year…

  7. Free hugs FTW!
    Love all these videos you are making together. Can I has moar?

  8. Gravatar de sheerblade
    21 July, 2007

    Omg Kirai you got to wear the Vader costume?! AWESOME!

  9. [...] War ja klar, dass nachdem die Sturmtruppen schon auf den Straßen tanzten, der dunkle Lord nicht lange auf sich warten lassen würde. In Tokyo hat er vor ein paar Tagen denn auch abgehottet und noch ein paar Gratisumarmungen verteilt. [...]

  10. awesome.
    btw who is the third guy, then(one who took the pictures)?

  11. Free Hugs, I want one lol

  12. [...] I live next to Yoyogi park, I think is the biggest park in Tokyo and also the funniest; it’s always full of “weird” people doing “weird” things, like for example me and Danny. Lately the ir one guy who is every Sunday training with nunchakus, he is pretty good: [...]

  13. Daleks could whoop the empire

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