Electronic cigarettes in Japan

Por kirai el 09 de July de 2010 en Health

It seems like electronic cigarettes have been on the market all around the world for some time, however I didn’t know about them until recently. It turns out that lately I see them everywhere, even in newsstands and Japanese supermarkets. It’s healthy!!

Electronic cigarettes in Japan

Electronic cigarettes in Japan
Notice how well designed is the package to conveniently recharge it.

Japanese electronic cigarettes


  1. Considering how many hardworking Japanese men are smoking that’s good news though, isn’t it?

  2. I’ve seen the infomercial for these things lately. As a second hand smoker, I prefer these.

  3. Gravatar de Gonazar
    09 July, 2010

    I’ve seen this in news articles, it’s supposed to be healthier, but it actually contains specific chemicals that can be worse. Overall, I still think it might be better than actual cigarettes but I wouldn’t say they’re healthy. How exactly is inhaling chemicals ever good for your body? (aside from those medicinal ones for asthma and such)

  4. Gravatar de Tiffany
    26 August, 2011

    Yeah I got my j-bf this and he used it for a bit…but not successfully…it’s okay at least he tried it.

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  7. Gravatar de Yakut
    25 May, 2012

    What would be % of e-cigarette smokers in total smoking population?

  8. Gravatar de Yakut
    25 May, 2012

    What would be % of e-cigarette smokers in total japan smoking population?

  9. Where can i buy this E-Cig?

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