Hello kitty bus

Por kirai el 10 de September de 2007 en Funny

hellokitty bus autobus


  1. aaahhh shoot me now!!!! the cuteness is overwhelming -_-

  2. Gravatar de sheerblade
    10 September, 2007

    I wonder if that bus ONLY goes to the Hello Kitty Theme Park.

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  5. Great SANRIO, kept Hello Kitty brand remains !!

  6. would you have any problem with me reposting this photo? i’ll give you full credit and a link. please email me at bambo_lambo@hotmail.com if there is a problem with this. thank you!

  7. haha

  8. hey there,

    could i use that photo for a little art project for school i’m working on? that would be a great help :)

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