Human washing machine

Por kirai el 10 de February de 2009 en Technology

Wow, this invention is awesome! It is a human washing machine prototype created by Sanyo and presented in the 1970 Osaka Word Expo. It takes 15 minutes to wash your body with this machine, and it includes a massage and ultrasound cleaning. Almost 40 years later we are still waiting for mass produced human washing machines, what happened? ;)




Found at Pinktentacle.


  1. Gravatar de sheerblade
    10 February, 2009

    It looks kinda like its from those old television shows that talks about “The house of the future” stuff they envision people are going to have in their houses 50 years from now but they know its either ridiculous to make one or scientifically impossible. I’m still waiting for the flying car that was promised to us a few decades ago.

  2. there is no way I would go into something like that naked

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