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“Kancho” is a procedure in which you attack your victim from behind putting together both of your hands in a “kancho position” (see the pictures), the purpose is to hit your “rival’s” ass with your index fingers. When I first listened about it, I was very skeptical, I thought the guys who explained it to me where making fun of me. But yes! there is people doing kancho, it’s very popular among Japanese kids and even among asian kids in general, specially in Korea. I find it amazing that there is a word in Japanese for “putting your index fingers in someone’s anal region”, this is the slang definition for kancho that comes from the serious original meaning kancho = 浣腸 = enema. When using the slang definition you should write it using katakana -> カンチョウ.


“Kancho” became famous on the Internet thanks to an english teacher who wrote about his experiences while teaching in Japan, he was usually the victim of many “kancho” attacks performed by his pupils. In his website you can find some hilarious texts explaining in detail the kancho phenomenon: article 1, article 2 y article 3.

Reading those articles almost 3 years ago inspired me to write about “kancho” in the Spanish version of this blog. I think it was the first time ever someone was talking about kancho in Spanish (OtakuLevel++), the day after I published the post about kancho this blog had around 200.000 pageviews!, after many years that’s still Kirainet.com’s PVs record in one day. Nothing can beat kancho? But the most interesting thing is that the buzz I created surpassed the virtual world barriers and entered the real world, Spanish kids started knowing about “kancho” and performing it!. I noticed it because I was receiving many emails from Spanish teachers talking to me about it! I was indirectly influencing a hole generation of kids with Japanese “culture” ^^ (OtakuProudnessLevel++).

Years have past and there is much more information on the net about kancho. Right now there are even two sites making money from kancho: kancho.jp and kanchono.com. I like kancho.jp, specially the kancho university section where there is a very detailed explanation on how to kancho.

If you want to have fun while traveling through Japan, when you see a bunch of Japanese kids in a temple or wherever, just say “kancho!!!” and enjoy the reaction. Watch next video where a kid performs a kancho on his teacher.

In this video you can appreciate the whole process to perform a good kancho. If you are not tired you can continue watching kancho movies here.

For those of you who are Naruto fans, I’m sure you know the Thousand Years of Death technique, it’s a kancho.

There is even a kancho world cup championship, I found it while reading the manga “Inachu“.

Kancho world cup, 1995 edition.

Kancho battles during the “kancho world cup”.



Look how the “receiver” prepares himself :)

Those images are extracted from Inachu manga. But there there is even weirder stuff, there is an arcade machine that allows you to kancho!!


This arcade machine was created by a Korean company and presented at Tokyo Game Show in 2000. It seems it was well received by the Japanese market, in the game you can choose the character you want to kancho, it seems the most popular are the “ex-girlfriend”, the “ex-boyfriend” and the “mother-in-law”.

Seven years of Kirai: A Geek in Japan

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Today, 7 years ago, I started blogging; and last December it was 4 years since I started blogging in the English version of Kirai: A Geek in Japan. When I started my Spanish blog I was 23 years old and I was finishing university back in Spain; now I am almost 30 years old. During these years many things have happened and many things have changed in the world, on the Internet, in this blog and in my life.

Thanks to you all for walking with me in this journey to have a better understanding of Japanese culture and continue learning together. During these 7 years, you have visited my blog 45 million times (almost 1 million times the English version), I have written 2635 posts in Spanish and 978 posts in English, and you have made 118,000 comments in Spanish and 4,900 comments in English. I uploaded 13,000 pictures to my Flickr, I started a new photography blog (in Spanish) and I twitted 6,290 times. I also wrote two books Un Geek en Japón (available in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German) and Momentos (which includes texts in both Spanish and English) based on the contents published in this blog. More than 20,000 units of the books have been sold all around the world. I say thanks 20,000 times to you all!

At the moment I am finishing up a new book in English published by Tuttle Publishing, that includes rewritten contents of my first book in Spanish as well as brand new chapters. It is already available for pre-order at Amazon!

A Geek in Japan
Pre-order A Geek in Japan

I will keep writing in my blog for many years to come!

If you are a new reader of Kirai: A Geek in Japan, these are some of the articles I wrote that I particularly like that will give you a good grasp of the blog:

Sega massage

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Interesting massage machine made by Sega. The user can select which areas he/she wants to be massaged and at the end it will generate your feet map with some health advice.



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