Japan Earthquakes in 2011

Por kirai el 02 de March de 2012 en Videos

This video is really impressive. It is a representation of all the earthquakes that shaked Japan during 2011. At 1:45 the really big shake starts, first with a M7.3 earthquake on March 9th (it was some kind of warning about what was coming next) and then a M9.0 two days later, which unleashed hundreds of replicas that had us feeling seasick (earthsick?) and frightened for months.

Watch it with the sound on!

Via: Monoroch.


  1. Interesting video. I was in Japan for the second time when the earthquake struck. I was lucky, I had left Tokyo the day before and was in Nagano when it hit. Far enough in the mountains to feel relatively safe, minus avalance warning.

    Soon enough, I was in Matsumoto, and then Takayama.. Far far away. I was there for the month of March, and how the Japanese people handles this huge disaster was amazing.

    I doubt very few countries could handle something like this.


  2. Gravatar de Jefferson
    06 March, 2012

    Everything about this incident sounds so unreal, like some kind of horror movie, but it makes us realize how frightening nature can be.

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  4. It looks more like a bombardment on the 11th of March. Nice find Hector!

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