167 People Playing The Matryomin

19 de September, 2014 archived at Music

The matryomin is a musical instrument based on the theremin that is shaped as a matryoshka doll. It is interesting to see the video below with 167 Japanese women dressed in black moving their hands in the air in front of matryoshka doll, with stethoscopes and all of them crossing their legs… Let me say it’s a little bit scary! ;)




Rabbit Island

14 de September, 2014 archived at Various

Okunoshima is an island similar to Tashirojima, the difference being that instead of being full of cute cats it is invaded by rabbits. According to Treehugger it is an island were chemical weapons were produced during Second World War. Nowadays there’s no industry in the island anymore and there’s not many people living there. There are more rabbits than people! The island has a perimeter of 4 kilometers, one hotel, one camping, one golf course and hundreds of rabbits.

Rabbit island in Japan

Map with the location of rabbit island

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Giant Space Invaders Attacking Tokyo

10 de September, 2014 archived at Videogames

Several years ago I came across several small Space Invaders in the streets of Tokyo. It seems that this kind of street art is growing and now the Invaders are becoming larger. They are easier to find! Have you seen any around?

In this Instagram account you can see Space Invaders art around the whole world.

space invaders street art

space invaders street art

space invaders street art
This one was taken by my friend @lluisgerard

Astroboy with the same style as the Invaders.

This one doesn’t have the same style as the Invaders but I liked it ;)

Sharing A Drink With Your Virtual Girlfriend Using Oculus Rift

09 de September, 2014 archived at Otaku

An otaku nicknamed Negipoyoshi has coded a simulator that you can use to share a drink with Hatsune Miku, a Japanese virtual idol that will pretend to be your “real” girlfriend.

To achieve this feat, Negipoyoshi has used version 2 of the Oculus Rift Development Kit. This is just another example of how the real and the virtual world are starting to converge. It is difficult to explain with words, better see the images and watch the video below.


Oculus Rift girlfriend

Source: Rocket news

Japan Is Awesome by Javier Yañez

09 de September, 2014 archived at Videos

My friend Javier Yañez sends me this video that he recorded while travelling around Japan last Spring. It’s great!

One of the things I want to improve myself is my ability to create good videos. I asked Javier and he recommended me to use Hands Free Camera Shoulder Pad to stabilize the image. To record the video Javier used a Canon 7d in Magic recording in Latern RAW and gave it colour using Davinci Resolve.

Absurd Japanese Inventions

07 de September, 2014 archived at Funny

Here are a couple of Japanese inventions that look impressive at first but that I suspect might not be so useful. The first invention is a chopsticks-fan that will help you cool your noodles.

absurd japanese inventions

The second one is a full body umbrella to avoid getting wet at all :)

absurd japanese inventions

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Street Cleaner Superhero

03 de September, 2014 archived at Various

Mangetsu-man (Full Moon Man) is a superhero that every Tuesday sweeps the streets in the Nihonbashi district in Tokyo. His superpower is a broom and he has been using it on the streets of Tokyo since the end of last year. Other volunteers have recently joined him every Tuesday to clean up Nihonbashi.

Street Cleaner Superhero in Japan

Source: Japan Today

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