Robotic exoskeleton created by students

Por kirai el 06 de April de 2011 en Technology

This is yet another Japanese robotic exoskeleton, this time designed and created by students of an institute specialized in robotics in Okinawa.



  1. I’ve seen that vieo before and I think your headline doesn’t really fit we’ll with it. The special thing about this suit is actually that it is not robotic, but rather enhances your motion by extending reach and power by using lever action. The Japanese really are ingenious when it comes to suits!

  2. Pretty cool site you have here. I especially like the photos that you’ve taken =]

    Too bad I can’t read your Spanish posts =/

  3. A power suit….. with a CELERY STICK!!!! AwesomeEpic. XD

  4. [...] Should you ever be tempted to watch even one second of one of those reality shows about mysteriously angry wealthy housewives trying to eat each other’s faces, remember that according to Kirainet, this guy made himself a robot exoskeleton. [...]

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