Stormtrooper in Tokyo

Por kirai el 06 de February de 2007 en Otaku

Some months ago I discovered, a really cool blog that teaches about japanese otaku culture, idols and life in Japan. On of the most weird-interesting things is that the author of the blog has a Storm Trooper armor, and he wears it not only at events but also as a normal suit.

It happened that I had the honor to meet Danny Choo in the real world and accompanied him to a “trooping session” around Tokyo. It was really funny, weird, interesting to see a Stormtrooper walking around thousands of japanese people, inside the train, inside shops… I loved when tired Japanese people walking without energy looking at the floor, would walk just next to DannyChoo/Stormtrooper without realizing. Just after some seconds they feel something weird and they look up startled at that Stormtrooper that is walking next to them, smile and take a photo with their mobile phone. They got a smile and a photo they could show to their friends and family.

I took lots of photos, here are some of them:

Can you imagine the face of this guy when he entered the train?

Notice the people taking photos from the other platform.

Funny face :)

If you don’t have enough, Danny Choo was on Japanese TV this friday an you can see the TV show online.


  1. Great pics Hector – the first time I see these ^^

  2. Thx!. I’ll bring you a CD with all of them next time :)

  3. lol! so cool, I’m should do the same here in Paris, but people would kick my ass instead of taking photos.

  4. Nice photos.

  5. Haha. Nice.

  6. Gravatar de Rearview Mirror
    Rearview Mirror
    07 February, 2007

    They love people from space, people in dreams, people in films… do they love people from outside?

  7. Somebody really should post this on Digg.. you some (classic) really great photos here dude..!!

    I met Danny the night before at our MobileMonday Tokyo Shinnenkai event and hear he has a new outfit on order that would, while difficult to believe, would be even more insane.. 8-)

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  11. wow this must be real fun

    great suit Danny

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  16. I love this sort of thing ….. it inspires me.

  17. Gravatar de joshua wavey
    joshua wavey
    02 December, 2007

    i saw ur video on youtube i wonder were he bought it

  18. Gravatar de jihan_khn
    21 April, 2008

    in my opinion he is very interisting because he is one of darth vaders man

  19. yo bitch you suck putting on that stinky olld ratty uniform

    stupid japanese people all look the same

  20. Gravatar de your mom
    your mom
    08 June, 2008

    you guys are fucking lame

    giving the gay camera guy head on break

    wait you give the camera guy head all the time so it wont matter

  21. Gravatar de jeremy lapensee
    jeremy lapensee
    10 June, 2008

    uy guys are fuking lame bunch of star wars fan boys i live in thompson manitoba i smoke a lot of weed

  22. Gravatar de flerndip
    04 April, 2009

    Very nice! I’ve thought about joining the 501st Legion when I can afford to build a proper uniform. It just looks like a lot of fun.

    I’m enjoying your blog a great deal.

  23. Gravatar de LUPEZKU
    27 August, 2009


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