The “Happiest” Prefectures in Japan

Por kirai el 15 de November de 2011 en Society

Hosei University has published a list of prefectures in Japan ranked by their “happiness level”. To find out the “happiness” of each region they have taken into account the lifestyle, work environment, security and general health of the population.

The number one is Fukui, a quite poor province compared to the rest of the country. Its economy is mainly rural, also they produce a lot of glass and have 14 nuclear reactors. In fact, it is the prefecture with the most nuclear reactors in the country.

The two most populated prefectures in Japan don’t rank very well. Tokyo is placed in spot number 38 and Osaka in the last spot. What factors do you think are the most important for people to have a happy life?

  • 1- Fukui
  • 2- Toyama
  • 3- Ishikawa
  • ……
  • 38- Tokyo
  • ……
  • 46- Kochi
  • 47- Osaka

Source: Ichigaya keizai shimbun


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  2. I live in Fukui….It’s alright.

  3. Also we’re also number one for the worst drivers and number one for manufacturing frames for glasses in Japan.

  4. Gravatar de altynay
    18 April, 2012

    i really enjoy reading you post about japanese society.
    about this particular post? may be such factors as friendly environment, not so busy lifestyle? because life in japan in general is really fast, and getting personal with people around me can be a problem.

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