World Record: Fastest man running on all fours

Por kirai el 19 de May de 2010 en Various

Ito Kenichi is one of those Japanese people with superpowers. His special power is to be able walk and run on all fours with agility. In fact he is the fastest man in the world running on all fours, he holds the record Guiness for the fastest time to run 100m on all fours in 18.58 seconds. Somebody wants to try to beat him?

Ito kenichi

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  1. That guy was on one of the shows that Arashi host(ed?) a while back. He’s kind of hilarious… Still, he has to be a bit crazy to have made this his speciality.

  2. Gravatar de Georgie
    18 July, 2010

    I want to challenge him :) I can run like that but I am more agile and I do one foot at a time and longer strides :) I have a feeling I could beat him! :D

  3. Me too I believe I could beat him. I used to run on all fours when I was a kid and run like a dog

  4. NO!! I could beat him!

  5. Gravatar de only ever lost to a dog
    only ever lost to a dog
    03 November, 2011

    I’d like to race all of us. Because I think I could blow this guy out of the water. USA!!!!!

  6. None of u have a chance against me! I’m black. Bam! I beat u all. I beat I can run on all fours way faster than u all, have any of u tried doing that in sand? Waaaay more difficult. Concrete is a piece of cake!

  7. That’s about 11 mph on all fours. There’s a kid on youtube that doing around 12 –

  8. my name is Jonny i can beet you and jump on all fours as well.

  9. My name is jonny i can beat you and jump on all fours as well.l can also talk faster than youi and my little amigo is even better than me

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