¿Que chica de Love Hina eres?

Este ha sido mi resultado después de hacer uno de esos tests chorras que se encuentra uno por Internet. Solo para seguidores de Love Hina, una serie realmente genial.

You’re responsible, sweet, gentle and lovable! You have a loving heart, a
great respect for all creatures (human, great and small), and the ability to
see the thing that makes each individual special. However, you tend to
overlook the things that make you special, and thus, putting you in a
position to be pushed around by others. Take some time everyday to reflect
on your qualities, and see that you don’t have to please everyone and still
be loved for who you are. Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

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  1. jo que pocos comentarios… yo acabo de leer el manga es genial! voy a ver el test ese que tal xD

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