Kabutom RX

Por kirai el 15 de September de 2012 en Technology

It is 11 meters tall, it weights 15 tons and its creator, Hitoshi Takahashi, has been working more than ten years building it. It is called “Kabutom” because it looks like a kabutomushi, a beetle which is owned as a pet by many Japanese children who love to play with them.


The first version was the RX-01, and the last version is the Kabutom RX-03. It can be piloted from its cabin or it can be controlled by remote control:





In these videos you can see that it looks quite clumsy when it moves (it uses wheels to move). It reminds me of the mechanical spiders created by the french group La Machine.


  1. I’l stunned by the dedication of the artist.

    However as an engineer i’m shocked by the low security around such a piece of machinery! There are basically none:
    no security distance, no barrier,few dudes preventing intrusion.

    As such this would never make it to europe.


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